Monday, December 12, 2016

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip - Viper

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have another Colour Pop review; this time, it's for the Ultra Matte Lip in Viper!


(Not my photos, photos from here.)

This is drying, as are pretty much most matte lip products (especially ones that actually dry to a dry finish) but still pretty decently comfortable to wear (and my default preference is to have lip balm on).

This dries rather fast so if you need to fix your application I'd suggest doing so quickly.  It can be fixed afterwards but it's more of a pain after it's already dry.

Great staying power and *almost* completely transfer-proof (I think there will always be a bit of transfer possibility in the areas where the lips meet due to moisture and the product breaking down a bit with spit), BUT!!! if you eat something oily (like something with butter) it can start to dissolve the makeup (like oil makeup removers).  I had some butter popcorn and forgot that I was wearing lip products and oooeeee did it ever start smearing haha (so just a warning!).

This retails for $6 USD.

Really great product, and I recommend it!!

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  1. such a pretty color
    Keep in touch

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  3. I love this color, so far it is my favorite!


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