Sunday, November 06, 2016

YAY Bath and Body Works and Lush Gifts!!

Good morning, dear readers!

This past week my sister got me some wonderful gifts (thank you so much to my amazing sister!! :'D)!!  She knows how much I love winter, and she got me some Bath and Body Works and some  Lush products to enjoy!  We also like giving each other Christmas gifts before Christmas. : D

Ahh these are fantastic!!  The soap smells so lovely and the packaging is gorgeous!!  I'm going to reuse these bottles in the future because they are so beautiful!!


YAY!!  These smell sooo good!!  My sister know how much I like the Golden Wonder, Magic of Christmas and the Salt and Peppermint scrub, so she picked those up for me along with a Shooting Stars to try (which is gorgeous and smells wonderful!!).  Also, as this was a gift, she sent a message with the package for me that came on that adorable Warmest Holiday Wishes card.  EEE!!!!  Thank you so much to my sister!! :'D!!!!!!

Thank you thank you!!!!!!



Thank you for your comments! :D

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