Thursday, October 27, 2016

David's Tea Pumpkin Chai

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a review of David's Tea Pumpkin Chai, a returning tea from their fall lineup.  Since I try to avoid caffeine most of the time this is the first year I've tried this.

This retails for $7.98 for 50 grams, or you can purchase it in different stylized tins (the first being a Skinny Tin, which has 50 grams of tea for $9.50 Can., or a collectable tin which has 100 grams for $17.00 Can.).  You can also buy this in satchet form, which has 12 satchets for $10.00 Can.. but I don't know how much tea is in each satchet.

I got the Skinny Tin, and when I open it up and take a sniff, I smell hints of a spice cupboard, but more savoury than sweet (probably the pumpkin and carrot mixing with the spices).  I'd expect the cinnamon and cloves to give it a more sweet spice scent.

This is a really cute tea with the pumpkin candies, and again it looks very fall inspired (aside from the pumpkin shapes, the dark tea and spices give a striking background for the vivid orange pumpkin and carrot).

Once brewing, it has more of a sweeter cinnamon scent reminiscent to me of cinnamon instant oatmeal.

I added milk to mine and it got a bit of a Twinning's Earl Grey colour to it.

(I didn't take photos of it with the milk in it)

I used about 2.5 tsp for 470ish ml of just boiled water, and I steeped the tea for about 6ish minutes.  I am getting very little flavour.  The flavour I am getting is nice, but I think I'd need to add another tsp or two of tea and maybe steep it for another couple of minutes to get the amount of flavour I'd normally get in bagged tea.  I got some hints of cinnamon in the aftertaste.  The tea is sweet enough that I don't need to add any sugar or sweetener (either that or it's mild enough that it isn't bitter enough to need it).  I don't notice much sweetness to it but I also don't drink it feeling it's necessary.

I didn't want to add too much tea or steep it for two long as this is caffeinated (and I don't tolerate caffeine as well as I used to) but I may try making it stronger next time I have it but drink less of it.  I might also try it without milk (duh duh DUH) and see if that helps.  I think it's mild enough that not adding milk might be okay for me (I like how milk softens the bitterness of black teas).

After taking more sips I'm noticing more flavour, but it's still very mild.  Pleasant but mild.

I might repurchase this one day but as of right now I think this tin will last me a while.  Tasty but the tea itself is nothing super special for the price (aside from how fall themed it is, I do love cold season themed food and drink).  The tin is super cute though.

Have a great day!



  1. Nice review on the tea. It sounds good to me :)

  2. I just drank some of this tea today! It's lovely :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D!! Perfect themed tea for Halloween! ^_^


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