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Madam Glam I Love Winter, For a Lady and Dark and Classy Nail Polish Review

Good evening, dear readers!

Today I have a review of 3 Madam Glam polishs that were sent to me for review.

I'd like to ask that you overlook the dry skin on my hands, it's been a rough month for them and although I am wearing moisturizer in the photos, they are sooo dry (to the point of splitting).

Thankfully its mostly the back of my hands that are doing this so the photos shouldn't be too bad.

For this review I am testing the polish as they are, without top coat.  I usually wear top coat with polishes so I cannot say very well in comparison how long these wear vs. other brands, but I want to give an accurate review of how long they last on my nails by itself.

The product I am reviewing today is their I Love Winter nail polish.

"This is a glitter polish that will remind you of winter holidays. The golden, maroon and sometimes brick-red glitters will party all day long on your nails!" - Madam Glam

Oooo how could I not choose this one? The name is so perfect for me!  (That's another thing; I really like a lot of the names they have for their products! :D).

This polish makes me think of wet asphalt glittering in street lights during the night. The flecks are multichrome, so they change colour depending on the angle you are looking at them.  If I am holding the bottle low, it reflects pink and gold/orange, but if I tilt the bottle and look at it at a slanted angle towards the light, the flecks shift to more orange gold, yellow, then green and gold.  If I hold it at a very extreme angle I think there actually might be some blue reflecting too, but it's basically holding it at as far as an angle I can while still being able to see it, so don't expect to see much blue there.

In regular lighting and at the angles that one would normally look at nails, it is mostly the pink and orange-y shimmers that show up the most.

This is a textured polish (which I think adds further to my association of beautiful wet asphalt glitters).  Because of the texture it has a more matte look without top coat.

 Wear time: At the end of 24 hours one of the tips was worn.  That might have been user error, but by day 2 another two tips were worn and I'm pretty sure they weren't before.

Some thoughts:

The colour is lovely and I really like the texture.  The formula was great for application, and it was a pleasure to apply.  The wear time wasn't as long as I would have hoped for.

Next up is For a Lady. This retails for $10.95 USD.

This is such a beautiful colour!  The formula was good to apply, slightly running, and two thick coats were what I used for the manicure here (spaced about ten minutes apart).  About 40 minutes to an hour after I had applied the polish, I accidentally scrunched up my nails against something and they smudged.  So if possible, thin coats are recommended as the polish hadn't enough time to set.  I'm used to wearing quick drying top coat with my polishes.

I serisouly ADORE this colour!  It is a hot chocolate/chocolate milk shade (like that brown with a purplish tinge to it... I don't know why some hot chocolate and chocolate milk has that) and if it is held up against something purple, it looks more purple.

For my last review of the day: Dark and Classy.  This retails for $10.95 USD.

This is a very dark plum/grape, and it's so dark it almost looks black to me (granted I don't have the brightest lighting in my bedroom as I sit here with the bottle beside me, but still!).

The bottle was a bit hard to open at first as some of the polish had leaked out of the top (I'm guessing during production) and a bit dried on the glass threads.  It wasn't very much though.

The polish formula was a bit thicker than For a Lady so it was a bit goopier.

I found that Dark and Classy had tip wear within 24 hours of applying it (possibly within 12 actually).  I think the same might have been said for For a Lady, but it's hard to tell because some of the nail polish got smushed. A nail or two looked okay after that incident and I saw tip wear on them, but I didn't want to say that yes there was definitely tip wear when it could have been my own fault.  I wrapped the tips but it still wore off on the ends.  On day 2 of Dark and Classy the tip wear hasn't really progressed very much, so that is good.  There was a bit of a tiny chip at the bottom of one of the nails (other tip wear aside) but other than that it was not too bad.  While the wear was there, it was not severe and it is something that someone other than myself (in my vicinity), I doubt others would notice.  I bet that wearing a top coat over this would extend the wear time even longer, but like the other polishes I wanted to do an accurate review.

On days 4-5 of this the tip wear was much more noticeable.  For my wear test I had on 2 coats of polish (I think that two coats is sufficient for opacity).

One thing that I noticed was on day 3 or 4, I could put dents in the polish with my other nails (not horribly huge squishy dents but enough that I could see them when looking for them) so it doesn't dry to a rock hard finish.

I did a set of nails using the three different polishes with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, and while it's hard to say for I Love Winter, the other two definitely had tip wear within 32 or so hours (before then but I'm not exactly sure when it happened).

In the end these are lovely looking polishes, but are pricey at $10.95 USD (which is around $14.62 CAN). I will say that I expected them to wear for longer.  It's been a while since I wore other nail polishes and so maybe other brands I've used do this too just as fast, but I cannot say with 100% certainty.

The colours are lovely and while Dark and Classy was a bit on the goopey side, they have decent pigment and weren't hard to apply.  The brushes are about mid-thickness; not as large as an OPI but larger than the small standard size that polishes used to have for a long time.  The bristles are arranged in a more flat shape than round.  Two coats is mostly sufficient for opacity (For a Lady can have a bit of unevenness).

I am glad that I was given the opportunity to try these out, but I hoped that they would have lasted longer.  It is wonderful that they are cruelty-free and they definitely get bonus points for that.  Also, the lady whom I was in contact with throughout the reviewing process was very kind, and corresponding with the brand has been pleasant.

However I think the favourite products I have used from Madam Glam are their lipsticks.  They didn't dry my lips out the way most other lipsticks do, and they applied well.  The pigment in Cinnamon especially was wonderful and I wanted to leave this review off on a positive note.

Madam Glam provided me with this Black Friday discount code to give to my readers:

BFArtevolve 40% discount  

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Those are some nice polishes! Very appropriate for the winter season too.

  2. love the colors dear!


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