Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Lush Items

Good evening dear readers!

Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to blog soon on a more regular basis, but I am definitely putting my health first.  I'm still sick, but feeling a bit better today than last week so I wanted to let you know that Lush is bringing over quite a few products from their Oxford St. store to the North American market (yayyyy finally!).  Not only that, but they've started bringing in Hallowe'en goodies too!

Here's a list:

Lord of Misrule bath bomb:
I'm so glad this is back!  The spicy sweet bath bomb is definitely one of my favourites!
Lord of Misrule image
Lord of Misrule shower cream (currently has only the small bottles for sale, but I'm hoping that they will release the larger ones as well):
I am SO so SOOO excited for this!!  I adore the fragrance of the bath bomb and now that I can have it in a shower gel/cream makes me ecstatic.  I cannot wait to pick this up!

Lord of Misrule image

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar:
This delightful creation is back in time for fall!  I've wanted to try their pumpkin shaped products before but haven't yet gotten the chance to.
Sparkly Pumpkin image
Golden Handshake hot hand mask:
The looks very intriguing!
Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask image
Refresher shower jelly:
Lemon jelly.  That's all that needs to be said.
Refresher image
Needles and Pines shower jelly:
THIS!!  A shower jelly that smells like pine and cypress?!  I'd feel very relaxed I'm sure!
Needles And Pines image
93,000 Miles shower jelly:
Eucalyptus, peppermint and cinnamon sounds very interesting and invigorating!
93,000 Miles image
Don't Rain on My Parade shower gel:
Blueberries, vanilla and violet leaf infusions! And that colooour!
Don’t Rain On My Parade image
Beautiful shower gel:
Peach, dried apricots, and MYRRH!!  I had to capitalize that because myrrh is so darn cool.  I heart stuff like that.
Beautiful image
The Comforter shower cream:
I'm sure a lot of fans will want to try this!
The Comforter image
Rub Rub Rub body scrub:
This is both adorable and pretty!
Rub Rub Rub image
The Rough With The Smooth body scrub:
Scented with black pepper, patchouli and vanilla, this sounds like it may share the same fragrance with Lord of Misrule (yaaaaaay!!) :D.
The Rough With The Smooth image
Pumice Power Foot Soap:
Ooo this is made with sweet orange oil!  (I hadn't read all of the descriptions yet before writing this post so I'm getting even more excited as I go along, haha).  I bet it will smell delicious!
Pumice Power image
Softy foot lotion:
This is fragranced with lavender, bergamot and sandalwood.  Talk about a relaxing treat!
Softy image

There are more items coming, but there are what are listed on the website so far (and are available online right now).  All the photos above are from  In the Lush Times that came in the mail a little while ago, they showed others that will be on their way.

Here is what was listed in the catalogue:

Rainbow Fun
Gold Fun (making it's triumphant return!)
Aliens and Monsters Fun
Big Bang bubble bar
Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar
Milky Bath bubble bar
The Experimenter bath bomb
Yoga Bomb bath bomb
Guardian of the Forest bath bomb (I will HAVE to get this!)
Frozen bath bomb (if there ever was a "me" bath bomb, this may be it!)
Intergalactic bath bomb
Go Faster Feet moisturizer
Foot Soak and Fancy Free foot soak
Twinkle Toes foot dusting powder
Salted Coconut hand scrub
Love and Light hand cream
Five O' Clock Whistle shaving smoothie
Magical Moringa facial moisturizer
Beautiful shower gel
Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel
Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream

All in all I'm very excited about these additions to the Lush line, and I think I can even forgive them (at least a little bit!) for getting rid of some of my favourite products.  I hope to pick some of these up next month, and to have more reviews on their way.  Have you tried any of these?  Any catch your fancy?

Have a great evening!



  1. Everything looks and (sounds like) it smells amazing!

    I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Take all the time you need, put yourself first :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I really appreciate them :'D


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