Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Demeter Fragrance Review - Laundromat

Good evening, dear readers!

Today I have a review of Demeter Fragrance's Laundromat.

(Image from demeterfragrance.com)

According to demeterfragrance.com:

"This is simply the freshest, cleanest scent imaginable, just like clean clothes right out of the dryer. It is inevitably, the most comforting, comfortable scent in the Library. 

J.F. Cantrell noticed that personal washing machines were a luxury many of his neighbors could not afford. On April 18th, 1934, Mr. Cantrell opened the first Laundromat, in Fort Worth, Texas. At Demeter, we celebrate April 18th as the inspiration for the freshest, cleanest scent we know, our version of Laundromat cologne."

This smells lighly floral with a hint of fake lilac, with some soapyness.  I asked my sister what she smelled, and she said "grandma's house".  And it does smell like my grandma's house!  I know that isn't particularly helpful to my readers, but I got to give it to Demeter for bringing up scent memories.

I don't get "laundry" when I smell this, and when I think of soapiness in the scent, it's more decorative hand soaps (particularly ones I smelled in the 1990's) than laundry detergent.

Its a very mild scent that stays close to the skin, and the initial strength really dies down a lot faster than many of the Demeter fragrances I have tried.

It's hard to say what exactly you will be reminded of when you smell this, as how it turns out on me will not necessarily be how it turns out on you.  Not only that, but when you work with finding a fragrance for something like a laundromat, there are so many variables that can affect customer opinion.  The products that I've used in laundry and the products that I've smelled other people use could be vastly different than someone in another home or country.  So for all I know, this could smell exactly like a laundromat in the creators town.

I'm sure this will be a pleasing scent for many, and while it may not be something that I will wear often, I'm glad that to have been able to try it out.  It was a nice surprise having something to bring back more memories of my grandmother, as this did.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll be back with more Demeter reviews soon!



  1. i have a few fragrances from them and totally love them

  2. i am obsessed with scents that reminds me of fresh linen~ this sounds like something I'd like. but perhaps not as a perfume, but rather a room freshener ;P

  3. I don't think I personally would want to smell like this, but it sounds like a lovely scent! It if is more floral and less linnen, I;m sure it smells really nice as a perfume!


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