Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Altering MTG Cards

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

Lately I have been pretty busy doing alteration artwork on Magic the Gathering cards.

Omg, it is SO FUN!!! :D

There are different options, ranging from adding small touches to the original artwork, extending the original artwork, and painting something completely new and original on the card.

Not only does this help me practice with painting, but it is really fun to customize cards (and it is a great way to make a few extra dollars or get cards from trading).

Here are some examples:

The Isochron Sceptre was one of my first alters, and so there is more messiness around the edges.
I really liked the original artwork and wanted to keep in line with that, but I wanted to change the colour scheme and a few other things:

The original is on the left, and my version is on the right.

This Whispersilk Cloak is also one of my first alters, and while I am not very skilled at painting fabric, I wanted to have fun with this card. I added some gold leaf to it as well:

As you can see these are both full alternate alterations.

An example of extended art that I did is this Karametra:

Here is a bigger photo of my alteration:

This is fantastic practice for me!!  Not only do I get to work on a small scale (I looove painting small!), but it is challanging for several reasons, it forces me to experiment with colour, and I end up painting things I never thought I would. :D

So if anyone is looking for a very rewarding and fun artsy hobby, I suggest giving this a try! :D

Have an amazing day, and I'll be back with more alters!!



  1. :'D!! Thank you so much Traci!!! <3

  2. Gorgeous transformations! You are a gifted artist, dear Ash.

    Big hugs & tons of joyful Easter weekend wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. wow i love this idea so much! i was just hoping to see more MTG posts from you. your art is incredible! Also I wanted to tell you i started going to Friday night MTG :)

  4. Love your versions, your so talented! xoxo.


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