Monday, January 13, 2014

MTG - A New Type of Journey on Art Evolve

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

As you well know, my blog posts have always been a sort of mish-mash of themes, ranging from art to cosmetics reviews, photography, and even cookies!

While I will still be doing reviews and posts about the above subjects, I really want to continue branching out, and discuss a more varied range of topics that interest me.  Recently, I have felt a bit stagnant in the blogging department (as I am sure many of you have noticed), and I feel that this will help give myself a much needed boost.

There are always risks when moving in different directions in life, but there can also be many benefits.

I know that most of my readers have been introduced to my blog over the years because of my posts on cosmetics and nail art.  I also know that there is a definite possibility of losing readers when I go off the beaten path of my previous blog themes.  However, I feel that my blog is a sort of extension of myself, and as I am constantly changing, so too will the topics I write about.

I decided that a new series of posts on my blog will be about Magic: The Gathering.

File:Magic the gathering-card back.jpg
(Not my image, image taken from here.)

I really enjoy this game for many reasons, and I would love to become a better Magic player.  My hope is that by writing about it, I can share my passion with those of you who are also fans of the game, and to possibly even pique the interest of a few others who may have never really given MTG much consideration before now.

In my recent 'It's Almost 2014' post, I briefly mentioned my renewed interest in MTG and brought up a few points about why I am so fond of this game.  Over time, I would like to delve deeper into the realms of Magic, discussing the art, story, individual cards and interesting combinations, core sets and expansion blocks, deck themes and ideas, and more.

I am in no way a professional player, but I hope to continually learn as I play and discuss the game.

Thank you for being awesome, and for the support you have given me over the years.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will be back soon with more Magic!



  1. I love the art on the MTG cards-- I don't play, but my husband is really into it and has... well... too many cards, lol! I like helping him unwrap them and sort them when he brings a big box home though!

  2. as long as your happy blogging, blog about whatever.

    1. <3 Thanks ChiChi!! That makes me very happy to read! :D

  3. You should blog about whatever makes you happy! I've actually never played MTG, but my boyfriend told me he saw some people playing it on the subway the other day. Its popularity lives on!

    1. Thank you very much Rebecca, I am so glad to read that!! :D It is such a fun game!!! :D I read that in the last 4 years, the popularity of MTG has increased by at least 25% each year, which is all sorts of awesome :)

  4. It's your blog and you should write about whatever you like! :-)
    I don't play MTG, but as mentioned before my brother does and I am familiar with the game. I'm looking forward to what you'll be posting about it. :-)

  5. I love magic so I'm excited but even if I didn't I'd say to go for it.

  6. omg Magic cards! That brings back elementary school memories haha. I never played, but I always saw my classmates play!

  7. Very cool! Personally, I always adore it when the bloggers that I follow want to share more of their interests with their readers than just those that are at the core of their site. It's great to get a more rounded picture of someone and their passions - it makes me feel like I was friends with them in person all the more (if that make sense).

    ♥ Jessica

  8. i cant wait for these posts! did you know they are making a mtg movie?


Thank you for your comments! :D

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