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Colors of Nature Watercolor Review

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Recently I came across a link to Colors of Nature, a company that makes and sells their own professional quality watercolour paints.

(image from here)

I requested a sample to give them a try, as I was very interested in them for many reasons.

Their paint is:
-cruelty-free (it's amazing how many products are tested on animals nowadays)
-solvent free
-petroleum free
-professional quality
-has excellent lightfastedness
-safe for both children and adults to use
-made of completely natural ingredients
-priced well

Here is a great excerpt from their F.A.Q section of their website:

"Q:  In what ways is your paint ‘earth-friendly’?
A: The term ‘earth-friendly’ means that a product meets these criteria:
  • Raw materials were obtained using methods that are not toxic or perpetually damaging to the environment
  • Raw materials come from plant life or existing earth materials.
  • Raw materials come from recycled or re-purposed consumer products.
  • When chemistry is necessary, methods used are minimal or operate on the principle of reducing harm to the environment.
  • Manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment, either by contributing excessively to landfills or exhausting toxins into water systems or the air.
  • Packaging can be re-used, recycled or re-purposed.
  • Animals and their by-products are not used at any point in the process of manufacturing or of testing the product."
That is pretty awesome! :D

I know that I am a huge hypocrite, because I love acrylic paint, and that is, well, acrylic.  Not so good for the environment.  :(  But having such a great alternative, while being a different medium, is very welcomed.

Colors of Nature sell their paints in 10 ml pots, in a semi-moist state.

Here is the sample card I received in the mail (sorry that my photo is so dark :( because of that, the colours are a bit less vibrant than they are in real life):

I was very excited to give these a try!! :D  Below I will show you what I did with them, but please be aware that I usually use acrylics, and even when I used to try watercolours in the past, I would apply them like I would acrylic paint, by default.

Here is what I did with the samples (oh, and those water drop lines were on purpose):

As you can see, I am far from amazing at using watercolours.  However, it is still fun, and that is what really matters! :D

I really didn't like how I did a part of the painting, so I cut out what I didn't like XD.  I also messed up the lips by painting them wrong, then by rubbing off the paper (overworking it).  Whoopsie! Because I only had a samples and I used almost all of them up, I couldn't redo this painting.  I also added in some graphite when I ran out of paint. XD

But anyway, back to the real reason for this post:

My verdict?  These paints are fabulous!!! :D!

I really enjoy the range of colours.  They are perfect for so many uses (like portraits and landscapes).

These are the available paints:
-Burnt Sienna
-Raw Sienna Dark
-Raw Sienna Medium
-Ochre Dark Yellow
-Ochre Light Yellow
-Chromium Green
-Burnt Umber Light
-Burnt Umber Dark
-Raw Umber Light
-Raw Umber Dark
-Natural Red
-Ultramarine Blue
-Titanium White

Some of the main colours I always buy when I get paints are burnt and raw umber, burnt and raw sienna, yellow ochre and titanium white.  Ultramarine blue is also one of my favourites.

These paints have a little bit of everything! :D  

There is no black in the Colors of Nature paint line, but I don't mind that at all.  A great tip I read from many art masters, is to not use black paint, but to make a 'black' from a mixture of other colours.  It really makes the darks in the paintings more realistic and in more harmony with the rest of the picture, since there is very little pure black in nature.  Adding a pure black to your painting can make the black areas look too out of place with the rest of it.  Also, shadows are generally not black, but darkened combinations of colours.  

The lack of ready-made black in this line will make you experiment to get the darker colours you want, and I think that that can be a great thing.  :}

If I could, I would go and get the whole set right now!  I seriously really enjoy these.  They are of wonderful quality, rich in colour, easy to blend and to dilute to different degrees.  They come in separate jars instead of a palette, which I personally prefer.  Also, being cruelty-free and having a much smaller impact on the environment compared to so many other brands makes these paints that much more special. :)


Have you tried any Colors of Nature paints?

Have a wonderful night! :D



  1. Replies
    1. :'D You are so kind!! Thank you so much :'D

  2. You're uber hard on yourself, honey! This is amazing!!! I can't paint (in the sense of creating an illustration from scratch) or draw to save my life. You have mad talent, dear gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. :'D Thank you so much for your kindness!!

  3. So pretty! :D haha when I was little, I thought watercolor only came in the dry, palette form.. Is watercolor your favorite medium?

    1. Thank you so much!! :'D You can also get it in tubes, like other paints :) I do think watercolour is a gorgeous medium, but I also love acrylic and that is what I am most experienced with :D

  4. I've never heard of this brand but I like the concept and the colors look nice! I will bookmark them for the next time I'm in the market for paints. And you're way better at watercolor than I am, lol. :)

    1. I am so glad that you like the paints!! :D

  5. Far from amazing?? I think you did a remarkable job! You are such an artist!

    1. :'D You are so sweet!! <3 Thank you so much!!


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