Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Current Nail Polish Collection

Good morning, lovelies! :D

As you know from my last post, I have been trying to cut down on the amount of unnecessary things that I own.  It can be a slow process, but I have managed to get rid of a lot of things! :D

It took me several hours over several days, but I have managed to bring my nail polish collection down a really significant amount.  YAY!!! :D

I used to have over a Helmer's worth, and now I have all my non-frankened polishes in only one drawer!! :D  (Well, except for top coats ;)).

This has taken me a looong time! O_O


I have emotional attachments to almost everything I own, and nail polish has been no different.

I've had polishes gifted and sent to me by my family and many friends, some of whom I was lucky to meet only because of my participation in the online nail polish community.  When I started getting interested in and collecting nail polish, I had no idea the wonderful friendships I would be lucky enough to forge in the process.

I would associate wonderful moments with my nail polishes, about how I got them and who gave them to me.  They acted as jumper cables to my memory, and I cherished them all the more for that.

But I have to stop holding on to every single thing I ever get from someone, because the memories are still in my head, and I don't need 'proof' to show what has happened in my life.

When I would get mail I used to hate throwing away even the cardboard boxes I would get items sent to me in (it still makes me cringe a little!).

So, this is yet another step for me to improve my life; to let go of some of the unnecessary.

I used to feel that this was true, but now I know that I am not 'betraying' my family, my friends, or any experiences and memories I have for letting go of things that I do not use any more.

I will still have the memories, and I will still cherish my loved ones and all they have ever done for me :).

(A photo I took of a park near my old home in Ottawa, just because.  XD  I miss that place!)


So!  Back to the nail polishes that I have left (lol!).
Here they are:

Top row, L to R: Orly Winter Wonderland, Orly Au Champagne, Barielle Enduring, O.P.I Solitaire, China Glaze White Cap and Color Club Covered in Diamonds.
Middle row, L to R: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper, Glitzology Snow Day, Color Club Si Vous Please!, China Glaze Snow Globe, Kleancolor Sugar Coat and Color Club Snowflakes.
Bottom row, L to R: Girly Bits Hocus Pocus, Color Club On the Rocks, L.A. Glitter Addict Explosion, O.P.I Crown Me Already!, O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle, and The Hungry Asian Mumbling.

Top row, L to R: Color Club Editorial, Butter London Wallis, Wet n' Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, Nerd Lacquer Exterminate, China Glaze Champagne Bubbles and Orly Luxe.
Middle row, L to R: China Glaze Angel Wings, China Glaze Twinkle Lights, Orly Halo, China Glaze Glistening Snow, Zoya London and Sally Hansen Wet Cement.
Bottom row, L to R: Color Club Wild Orchid, Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink, China Glaze Immortal, Orly Boho Bonnet, Zoya Skylar, and Girly Bits Stormy Skies.

Top row, L to R: China Glaze Winter Berry, China Glaze Merry Berry, China Glaze Velvet Bow, Orly Torrid, O.P.I Pepe's Purple Passion, Girly Bits Gentle Ginger, and Girly Bits Shift Happens.
Middle row, L to R: Orly Preamp, O.P.I Pedal Faster Suzi, Nicole by O.P.I I Lilac Gumdrops, Shiseido Maquillage 94, Glitzology Crown Royal, Zoya Neeka and Revlon Royal Cloak.
Bottom row, L to R: Orly Sheer Nude, China Glaze Champagne Kisses, Orly Nite Owl, Finger Paints Bare No Secrets, Revlon Enthrall, and Orly Buried Alive.

Top row, L to R: Color Club Holiday Splendor, Zoya Maisie, The Hungry Asian On a Budget, Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, Orly Green with Envy, and Color Club Wild Cactus.
Middle row, L to R: China Glaze Holly-Day, Gosh Forest Floor, Orly Halley's Comet, O.P.I Thanks a Windmillion, Zoya Yara, and China Glaze Winter Holly.
Bottom row, L to R: O.P.I Live and Let Die, China Glaze Cast a Spell, Finger Paints Hue Brighten My Day, China Glaze Glittering Garland, and Sally Hansen Black Out.

Top row, L to R: China Glaze Blue Year's Eve, Orly Royal Navy, O.P.I Get Your Number, Sinful Colors Hottie, and O.P.I Dating a Royal.
Middle row, L to R: Finger Paints You Yacht to Know Better, O.P.I I Have a Herring Problem, Color Club Hydrangea Kiss, O.P.I I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, and Zoya Nyx.
Bottom row, L to R: China Glaze Tinsel Town, China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, Sinful Colors Cinderella, and O.P.I Can't Find My Czechbook.

Whew!! :D

Here is the whole lot, all together like the family they are:

All of these were picked with a lot of thought, and I am very happy with my collection now. :)

Some of these are not cruelty-free, but that is because they were purchased or traded before I knew very much about animal testing.  I do not buy from those companies anymore.

A few are in here because I use them a lot for nail art, like Sally Hansen Wet Cement, Sally Hansen Black Out, and Barielle Enduring.  If not for that, they would not be in my collection.

I figure that if I do end up getting any more nail polish in the future, I will have to do the one in, one out rule, so that my collection is maintained in one drawer.  And I don't want to cheat, and pile more on top of what I already have.  XD

What do you think of my new, smaller, collection? :D

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. I love your new collection! Very nice! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hahah much smaller than before!! XD Thank you!! :D

  3. wow! amazing job. I should probably work on reducing my polish collection but I guess I haven't hit the point where I absolutely feel like I have to yet, plus I sorta want to swatch them all before I do get rid of any and that takes time. My collection is definitely way bigger than this though and I'm super impressed with your purging skills!

    1. Thank you!!! :D I let go of hundreds of them!! :O But I hear you, it does take a lot of time and you only should reduce if you want to :}

  4. Omg urcnailpololish collection is huge.. :) I am trying to improve my habit of holding on to everything for memory sake
    Don't forget to join my $30 certificate giveaway
    Keep in touch,

    1. Heheh and this was after getting rid of a looooot more XD. I wish you the best, I know how hard of a habit that can be to break!! <3

  5. So cool! I should cut down on my collection too, but it's so hard.. I'm a real pack rat..

    1. Ahahah!! I know the feeling!! :D But only do it if you want to :}

  6. Great job Ashley! I have the hardest time getting rid of polish! I have so many that I have not even worn yet. I do tend to play with them on nail wheels but I really do not need the two Helmers that I have full. I think it is very liberating to have less stuff. When I was in my 20's I loved the fact that I could, if I wanted to, pack everything I owned into my car and move with one trip. Now I have a family and we have so so much stuff! It drives me crazy sometimes! Moving took us months last time we did it a few years ago!

    1. Thank you so much, Malinda!! :D ! Wooooo 2 Helmers full!! I wish that you had a blog and that I could see them! :D
      I agree with you, I do find it liberating to have less stuff, and to feel less tied down to it :D. Oh yeah, it's amazing how fast belongings can creep up on you, especially if you have a family that you live with. Every move that I have I end up getting rid of a little more here, and a little more there... XD
      My apartment was a one bedroom, so I didn't have the most room in it (plus I lived in it with my ex, so I couldn't stuff the place with too much of my own stuff XD). Now that I moved again I can fit all of my belongings into one room. However, I don't have my own kitchen table or sofa or t.v., so that helps! XD

  7. wow nice! my collection is a "litlle" smaller :p
    kisses, Mrs Vain

  8. Wow, I applaud you! Great job! I need to do something like this, but I always think "well, I really like it and I want to wear it before I get rid of it!" I am also having a hard time finding homes for my swap-pile, so that's discouraging me from adding more to it.
    Do you mind my asking what you did with all the polishes you purged?

    1. Aw, thank you!! :D Hahah yeah, that is very common to want to hold onto something, "just in case!"
      Some of the polishes I have given away, and others are listed on Kijiji for sale. :) I price them to about half or less than half of what they are worth (but you can price yours whatever way you want). I have already made $100 from some I have sold, and am waiting to sell some more :D.
      It can take a while for someone to be interested though, because not as many people are as invested in nail polish as we are :D

  9. Many lovely colors. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje

    1. Thank you! :D And yes I would!! :D I am following your blog now :}

  10. I know exactly what you mean about hating to throw away boxes - I feel the same way about boxes and envelopes, especially if they're handwritten. But like you said, you can still have the memories without keeping the stuff. :)

    1. Thank you!! :D Yeah, I hate throwing anything handwritten away, but I needed to finally do it XD

  11. Wow your current collection looks fabulous!

  12. Such treasure! :D I love nail polishes with shimmering and glossy finish =)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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