Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I have a review of the really popular Lush Snow Fairy shower gel! :D

This wonderful product was sent to me for review. :}

Here is the Lush description:

Sweet, sparkly, and candy scented!

Oh how we've missed lathering up in those fluffy pink bubbles! We crave her bubblegum and sweet vanilla fragrance all year, and just can't imagine the holidays without her. Or famous fairy contains a smattering of biodegradable shimmering luster (or as we like to call it, Fairy Dust), so she won't harm the earth one little bit! Sparkly, pink and candy scented - what more could we ask for?!
When I first heard of Snow Fairy, I knew that it was a very popular product among Lushies worldwide.  However, I didn't think too much about it.  I am very picky with scents, and thought that I would probably not like this one, and that I would find it too sticky-sweet.

OMG was I ever WRONG!! O_O

When I stepped into a Lush store and decided to take a whiff (thank goodness I did!), I was blown away by one of the most delicious scents!!  (I was unable to get it at the time, but a really wonderful person sent it to me :'D.)

It is supposed to smell like candy-floss (or cotton candy, as we say here), but this is what I smell:

(Not my image)

This smells exactly like marshmallow Easter eggs!! O_O  Like, exactly!!
I went around my home with it and asked my family what they thought, and they agreed with me.

(For serious Lush, you really should re-package this and sell it during the Easter season as "Marshmallow Egg" or something.  Maybe purple or yellow coloured :D)

The gorgeous pink gel has a beautiful colour-shifting particles in it (although it does tend to settle at the bottom, but that is okay).

I cannot get over how amazing this smells!!  When I used it I wanted to eat marshmallow eggs SO BAD!  I want a huge one of these, but I don't know if that would be good for me and my diet ;) XD.

Here is the list of ingredients:

Water (Aqua) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Sodium Cocoamphoacetate , Lauryl Betaine , Fragrance ,Propylene Glycol , Synthetic Musk , Lactic Acid ,Titanium Dioxide , Calcium Sodium Borosilicate , Tin Oxide , Polyester-3 , Methyl Ionone , Benzyl Benzoate ,D&C Red No. 28 , D&C Red No. 21 , Methylparaben

(You can see the shimmer here!)

I really had no idea of how much I would enjoy this.  Here is my advice: if you think you won't like the scent of something, give it a sniff anyway, as you may be *very* pleasantly surprised!

I read a review that someone found this drying on their skin, but I didn't find it drying at all (and I can get some pretty dry skin).

As this is a seasonal product, I suggest running out and getting it before the holiday season is over!

Rating? 10/10! :D

Have you tried Snow Fairy?  Do you have any other shower gel favourites from Lush?

Have an amazing day!! :D



  1. Love snowfairy! Anything pink with glitter is fabulous :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

    1. I'm glad to hear that you like it too!! :D

  2. I agree, this smells exactly like those Easter treats! :)

    1. It really (REALLY) made me want to eat those eggs!!!

  3. Omigosh, you had me at the name "Snow Fairy." And then it both shimmers and smells like my childhood?? I must have eet! >_<

    1. :D YAY I am glad that you like it!! :D (I love the name too; I am obsessed with snow! XD)

  4. Iike that it has pink packaging
    Keep in touch,

    1. I like the package too! :D (Although the plastic is clear, the gel is bright pink with shimmer!! :D)

  5. oh this one sounds so yummy! I'll hopefully get a chance to try it out before it disappears again :)


    1. I hope you get to!!! :D If you get some, let me know how you like it! :D

  6. Mm I wish I could smell this sweet gel!

  7. I finally need to order the gel this year! Unfortunately, I don't have a Lush nearby, and their shipping is SO SO SO slow. :(
    The Grass Skirt

    1. Aw, sorry to hear that :( I go for the air shipping, and it gets to me in a few days (and was only $2 Can more than ground)

  8. Aww this smells lovely =DD I love the name, Snow Fairy~ Hahaha


  9. I wouldn't mind trying it, I love shower gels. Every time I come to your blog the wind chimes confuse me lol


    1. Hahahha sorry about that! XD I find it relaxing :)

  10. Sweet, sparkly and candy scented, you say? Sold!!! :)

    Thinking of you and hoping that you're having a fantastic Halloween Eve, dear Ash!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much, I hope that you are having a fantastic Hallowe'en Eve too!! :D

  11. GAH well now I wish it wasn't 10pm and that I could run out and buy this right now!!!

    aka Bailey


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