Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Demeter Fragrances Sugar Cookie Review

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today's post is a review of the lovely Demeter Fragrances Sugar Cookie cologne spray (which was kindly sent to me for consideration by their amazing PR team). :D

I absolutely love the idea behind Demeter scents, as they have a pretty incredible range of fragrances, from Thunderstorm and Dirt, to Ocean and Hot Toddy.  There is literally something for everyone in their scent library (which boasts more than 250 choices), and I know that my wish list is ever growing. :)  Not only that, but for almost all of the scents you can get them in a cologne, a room spray, a diffuser oil and a massage oil (as well as lotion)!  How awesome is that? :D

Now for Sugar Cookie!

This is a lovely sweet and comforting scent, and I detect notes of sugar, vanilla and butter.  This is very comforting, and perfect to spritz on before you head to bed (that way you get gentle whiffs of sweet as you lull yourself to sleep).

It doesn't smell exactly like sugar cookies to me, but what I like about Demeter perfumes is that they base their scents on very exact things, like Sugar Cookie.  Here is a blurb from their website:

"Not surprisingly, at Demeter, we subscribe to the Cookie-Tin school, although our Sugar Cookie is not based on the old Frisbie Baking recipe. Demeter Sugar Cookie smells like the founder's mother's cookies, clipped from the Ladies Home Journal in 1963."

So while this does not smell like the sugar cookies that I bake at home, it is based on a very particular recipe, and it could smell exactly like it (I haven't tried those cookies before so I cannot accurately say).  Also please remember that fragrances are very relative (your natural skin pH, the oils in your skin, your own memories, etc. can all affect how you perceive a scent).

What impressed me most about this particular fragrance is that I really do detect notes of butter!!  It may sound a bit out of the ordinary for a perfume, but Demeter knows how to make anything work! :D

I read a reviewer stating that it reminded them more of sugar cookie batter vs. a cooked sugar cookie, and I would have to say that I agree with them.

I am wearing Sugar Cookie layered over top of Demeter Mahogany right now, and they work really well together (you can mix and match a lot of their fragrances, which is really awesome and exciting!!).

Again I will have to give a high-five to Demeter for their marvellous scents! :D

Have you tried Sugar Cookie or any other Demeter fragrances?

Have a wonderful day!! :}

-Ashesela :}


  1. That sounds absolutely amazing! I love fragrances that smell like food :) I've yet to even sniff a Demeter in person, I don't think there are any physical stores in Australia and I hate buying fragrances blind.

    1. I hear you, fragrances are very personal and usually I would have to go smell it in person too (I am notorious for being picky with scents). Thankfully they offer all sorts of sizes, and they are pretty unexpensive, so it isn't too much of a leap to order one without smelling it. :D

  2. Reading your review it looks like its made for me.. Vanilla is my fav fregrance
    Keep in touch,

    1. I love vanilla too!!! :D One of the best scents, in my opinion! ^-^

  3. Replies
    1. I seriously cannot get enough of their perfumes, they really have something for everyone. I want to try their Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread ones, I bet those smell delicious!! :D

  4. Mm I wish I could smell this one! I haven't smelled any from this brand yet

    1. They have sooo many ones I want to smell and try!! :D


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