Sunday, September 08, 2013

Born Pretty Star Metal Beads Review

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today I have a review on some flat bottomed lovely beads that were sent to me by Born Pretty Store, along with a set of metal caviar beads.

First: the caviar beads!

I got sent this lovely set of 12 different coloured metal caviar beads. :D  It retails for $5.41 USD.

However, the colours I got are different than what is shown on the web page (for instance I did not get black beads).  Regardless of that, they are gorgeous! :D

Here is a mani using three different colours:

I will admit that this is definitely not the best manicure I have ever done.  I will also admit that this is the first time I did a whole look using those caviar beads.  While I will probably stick to using the beads for nail art accents, it was pretty fun sticking so many of them to my polish XD.

I am really glad that I was able to get so many beads!!!  They will come in incredibly handy for future manicure looks!! :D

Now for the flat beads:

This set has approximately 360 pieces of both silver and gold toned balls, which come in two sizes (1.5 mm and 2 mm).  It retails for $3.28 USD.

The balls are flat on one side and rounded on the other, and I find that makes it a lot easier to adhere them to nails than regular caviar-style beads. :D

Here is a manicure I did using the gold toned beads:

You may find my tips are un-even, but I deliberately wanted them that way (although I think I made the slope on the pinky too extreme).

This are so awesome, and I look forward to using them for many more manicures! :D

I highly recommend these!

The only downside is that there are a few beads in the case that have a bit of metal 'pooled' around the base of the half-sphere, but it isn't a big deal (you can see some in the photos above of the original packaging).  These things happen, and there are more perfect beads than non-perfect beads. :)

As I usually use caviar-style beads for my nail art, this was a very welcomed change (no more balls rolling away!).  If I had big bags of these decorations I would be very happy! XD

Have you used these before?

I hope that you have an awesome day!! :D

Don't forget to use the CBJ61 for 10% off of your Born Pretty Store order. :)



  1. What fun (super) tiny little accessories! I adore the second mani so much - it reminds a bit of some of the colours and jewelry used in traditional East Indian weddings.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ooh I love that description!! :D Thank you so much, Jessica!! ^_^

  2. J'aime beaucoup ta seconde réalisation! très jolie!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the things you do with these kinds of items :D

    1. :D!!! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! :D

  4. Wow, those are so nice! I don't do my own nails but if I did... I would definitely try those!

    ~ christina from polka dot heart ♥


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