Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of the Month/Beginning of Month? Lush Haul

Good morning, dear readers!! :D

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be able to visit a Lush store, with my sister and one of my best friends.

I live outside of the city now, and getting to a Lush location can be a lot of work (I don't drive, the bus system in my area is almost non-exsistant, and the two different Lush stores in the nearby city take at least 45 minutes to get to by car).

I ususally go to the Lush in the Byward Market in Ottawa, but this time I went to the St. Laurent location, which is situated in the St. Laurent mall.

A part of me almost felt like I was 'cheating' on the other location (heehee!), because over Facebook I was building a rapport with the lovely employees there (here's looking at you, Amanda!).

However, my lovely friend drove us to the store, and the St. Laurent location is much easier for her to get to.  I definitely can't complain about getting a ride!!! :D (Thank you again so much, Robyn!!)

I had only been to this location once before, and it was the first Lush location where I was able to go into the store and buy products.  The very first time I came across Lush, it was in the Byward Market, and as I was walking with family members who couldn't stand the extreme fragrance of the store (yay for less packaging!), I had to leave right after getting there.  That was around a decade ago O_O!  I can't believe it took me so long to go back!

Anyway!  I had a great experience at this store, and the sales associates were so lovely and helpful!  (Don't you just love when they give you a hand massage?  Eee, I could almost melt! XD)

I kinda bought a lot of stuff... and because of that, I will have no extra money for at least another month.  (I don't really go out and do things like restaraunts, pubs, drinking alcohol, clubs, movies, etc.. so my money goes to Lush.  I also want to quit smoking so I don't have any money left for cigarettes.)

Okay, now on to the haul:

:'D...I may have gotten a few things... :'D...

Most of these I have never used before, so I am excited to do some reviews on them once I try them out.  That is one of the things I love most about hauls (other than getting awesome products to use): reviewing them! :D

So here is what I was able to pick up:

Ro's Argan body conditioner
Turkish Delight shower smoothie (I actually will have to return this one, the scent is not for me)
2 Rose Jam Bubbleroons
2 Geophyzz bath bombs/ballistics
Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt
Big solid conditioner
Shine So Bright hair treatment
Ultrabalm all purpose balm
Ambrosia shaving cream
Shimmy Shimmy massage bar
Rock Your Body Kit, which contained:
-Vanilla Puff body powder (they were out of Lustre, sad face!)
-Wiccy massage bar
-Dream cream (a small pot)
-Sugar Scrub

I also got three samples, which were:
Trichomania solid shampoo
Helping Hands hand cream
Creme Anglais hand and body lotion

I also got these lovely face masks (one was free, because I returned 5 empty pots):

Aaaand, I finally got one of these:

YAY a Lush bag!! :D  I always wanted one, and the Byward Market store had run out.  The St. Laurent location had one left, and I snatched it up quick! :D  Muahahahaha!!!  The quality of the bag is really great, and I look forward to using it as my purse! >:D

I really cannot get enough of Lush.  It is a serious obsession of mine now, and I maaay have converted a couple people to the wonders of Lush... (*wink wink, Leah and Robyn!* ;) XD)

If I didn't live so far away with no transportation and if I didn't have debilitating mental illness, I would put my resume in there so fast (especially now that the Byward Market location is hiring for the holiday season).  I could seriously talk about Lush for hours (and I have!).  I think that one of the reasons why I obsess over Lush products (other than their quality are awesomeness) is because of my OCD.  When I am really excited about something I seriously cannot get it out of my head.  I still have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve and the day before my birthday.  I am already planning my next trip to Lush. XD

We spent about an hour in the store, and I could have stayed longer.  I was so excited, and I probably let out some squeals of happiness as we wandered around the gorgeous displays.  My sister was laughing when we left the store, because I was all like "that was amazing!!".  XD  I LOVE shopping there!

Are you a fan of any of these products?  If you have tried them and liked them (or tried them and didn't), let me know below! :D  (Eheheh that rhymed!)

Have a super awesome day!



  1. Awesome Lush haul! Tons of stuff to use :)

  2. Congrats on quitting smoking! How about you learn how to make your own stuff, then you'll have no money AND keep your hands busy ;) I love LUSH too and some stuff can't be duplicated, but some is ridiculously easy to make.

  3. @ Lisa N: Thank you very much, I am really excited to try these out!! :D

    @ ChrisB: Thank you so much (I actually haven't quit smoking yet, that will start tomorrow *cries* haha). It's always great meeting more Lush fans, and I agree that DIY is awesome!!! :D

  4. Wow, amazing haul! I love Ro's Argan :)
    And I definitely think that money spent on Lush is much better than on cigarettes!


  5. @ OPI Addict: Thank you!!!! :D I completely agree!! :D

  6. I also tend to go a little crazy at LUSH because it is about 1 1/2 hours away or 2 hours away (depending on where I travel to)..I got the Rock Your Body Kit too and I loved the price! I get to try a lot of the products I've been wanting and it was only $25 (in the US)!!

  7. @ katie: The kit is so awesome!! :D And it really is a great price (even more so in the USA. I hope you liked the products in it :D. I was really pleasantly surprised by Dream Cream!

  8. My goodness, what an awesome bevy of new items!!! I still have trouble sleeping before many important days, too, from Halloween (fave holiday) to my birthday. As well, almost anytime I know I have something important going on the next day and need a proper night's sleep for it, I can't get a single wink. It's to the point where I'll force myself to stay up for 24-36 hours before hand in an attempt to get some zzz's. Even then I don't always, but it can help a bit. I swear, I'm already having a hard time falling asleep from the excitement of our upcoming road trip to Calgary (end of next week!).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Ooh you got so many goodies! haha sounds like a fun trip to lush :D

  10. @ Jessica Cangiano: Hahah I don't blame you, I would be really excited too!! :D I hope that you have an amazing trip, and I am glad that I am not the only one who has trouble sleeping because I am so excited! XD

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you very much, it really was!! :D I am already planning my next trip (in October they will be getting so many new goodies in! :D)


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