Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calox Tooth Powder Advertisement circa 1940

Good morning (late evening?) dear readers!

Early in the morning I will be going to the psychiatrist to change the dosage of one of my medications.  I have to admit that I am glad that I will be lowering it!!  Originally he wanted me to increase it, but every time I did I seemed to only get worse, which made him want to increase it even more.

I know that this medication works for many people, but after missing a dose and feeling better, I decided that I would try weaning myself off of it, and see how that worked.  Although I am still dealing with a lot of problems and I am far from healthy, I do feel better since reducing the amount of the medication I am on (one of them, not all).  I started increasing another medication, and the combination seems to really help me. :D  Ugh, I hate having to take medications.  I don't even like taking pills for pain when I have a splitting headache.

On to the vintage ad!

This ad for Calox Tooth Powder is from the August 5th 1940 Life magazine:

Transcript of clues:

CLUES by Harriet Parsons, Famous Hollywood Columnist

1. Who is one of the most popular Hollywood bachelors?
2. Who starred in "Gunga Din" with Victor McLaglen?
3. Like many other stars, he uses Calox to help keep that "Hollywood Sparkle."
Who is he?
(Check your answer below.  Star's name is at bottom of page*)

(The answer is Cary Grant)

Transcript of comic:

Dot wins romance and a "HOLLYWOOD SPARKLE"!

Jim: "What's this I hear about one of you girls being promoted up front next week?"
Dot: "Not me.  With dull, dingy teeth like mine I haven't a chance."

Jim: "Be smart, Dot.  Try Calox Tooth Powder!  Its 5 Cleansing Agents do a swell job on surface stains.  You can actually see Calox help you win that 'Hollywood Sparkle'!"

Bud: "Say!  The boss' new secretary has a smile that knocks 'em dead!  Wonder if she's dated up tonight?"
Jim: "Don't wonder any more, my boy.  She is.  With me!"

So, I guess that the moral of the story is that if you have 'Hollywood Sparkle' teeth, you will get your dream promotion, attention, and a date! XD (Oh-so-clever marketing... although not all that different from the marketing tactics of the present day, which are just more blatantly sexual).

On a serious note, one thing I like about this ad is that it contains a lot of sayings that were popular back then, like:

dated up (I haven't heard that term before now)
knocks 'em dead

There are also names that were more common back then, which aren't in popular use right now (that I know of):


Transcript of Finger-Nail Test:


Make this easy test: pour a little Calox Tooth Powder on a nail buffer, then rub your finger nails vigorously.  Now look at them!  See their high polish-proof that Calox contains no harsh abrasives-cannot harm the softest tooth enamel!

     Calox Tooth Powder attacks ugly film and surface stains because it has not only 1 or 2, but FIVE CLEANSING AGENTS.  You can feel the surging foam of Calox go into split-second action.  You can see the new, high polish on your teeth as Calox helps you to win that "Hollywood Sparkle."  Brush your teeth with Calox for 30 DAYS!  And you'll notice a marked improvement in your smile...a smile that mirrors teeth naturally whiter and brighter!

The part I love most in this exerpt is the surging foam.  I don't know about you, but I don't think my current toothpaste has enough surging foam.  If you ask me, we all need a little more surging foam in our lives.

I hope that you have an awesome day (night?)! :D


Monday, July 29, 2013

Kellogg's Rice Crispies Ad - circa 1939

Good morning, dear readers!

Today is my first vintage magazine post (yay! :D).  This ad is from the October  23rd 1939 Life magazine.

I decided to make this my first vintage post because while flipping through the magazine, I realised that the Snap, Crackle and Pop of old were incredibly creepy!! >:O

Here is the advertisement:

Transcript of main description:

     Is there mutiny afoot?  Dish up Kellogg's Rice Krispies and the most determined breakfast rebel will see the error of his ways!
     Children--grown-ups--everyone goes for this really different cereal.  It has such a unique, full-bodied flavor...and the knack of holding its marvelous crispiness from the first delicious spoonful to the last.
     Yes, Rice Krispies look different--taste different--even sound different.  You'll hear them snap! crackle! pop! in milk or cream, to prove their crispiness.  And they're made by a wholly different process patented by Kellogg: they're "oven-popped" and then toasted a luscious, golden brown.  
     Only premium quality, American-grown "Blue Rose" rice goes into Rice Krispies.  They come to you with their crisp freshness protected by Kellogg's new and exclusive inner-wrap, which is completely "Waxtite" heat-sealed at both top and bottom.  For a real breakfast treat--choose Kellogg's Rice Krispies at your grocer's now!

Transcript of yellow box on lower right:


Rice Krispies are absolutely unique in form.  They'll float for hours in milk or cream.  Product and process are protected by United States Letters PATENT NOS. 1,925,267: 1,832,813.

And upon closer inspection:

Eeuugh!  They are like creepy mice pinnochio clown things!  I know that this type of art was more common back in the day (I'm sorry Vernon Grant, it just isn't my thing!), but it goes to show how illustration continues to evolve to this day.

One of the things I absolutely love about vintage ads, is that it really shows the differences in what was the norm for society in the past, versus today.  For instance, when mentioning eating the cereal, they say how well it works in milk and cream.  I do not know anyone who eats cereal with cream (so rich, so many calories, and so much fat!) but I think it is interesting that it was a commonplace thing back in the 1930's.

Also, the ad features the patent for the cereal, which is something you definitely do not see on cereal advertisements today.

I also found it interesting that one of the selling points mentioned for this cereal is that it will float for hours.  Why would you want to keep your cereal in milk or cream for hours, floating or not?  It would probably swell to 5 times its size, and it would be extremely mushy. XD

I do like how this ad shows new inventions, like the sealed "Waxtite" bag and that cereal floats (I guess most cereal before ended up sinking to the bottom of the bowl?).

I hope you enjoyed the first of many vintage posts to come on my blog. :D

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vintage Magazines

Good morning, dear readers! :D

I haven't been posting much on here lately, in part because I have been doing a lot more things away from the computer.  The other day my family and I went to a couple of parks, which was nice :).

I also went to an antique shop (well, it is technically a giant red barn, lol!), and picked up some vintage magazines.  My sister had been there before and had seen them, and suggested that I give them a look (I love stuff like that! :D).

There were several stacks of Life magazine, mostly from the 1960's -1980's.  I must say that I have never been a huge fan of that span of time (fashions especially! XD), but I was excited to see some great magazines about the early Apollo programs and the Russians in space.  Although I have not picked those issues up, I would like to in the near future.

When I got to the lower half of the last pile of magazines, I found some awesome issues from the 1930's and 1940's!!! :D  I was so excited!  I absolutely adore that period in time (fashion, culture, etc.) and I had to pick up 4 issues.  The earliest one I picked up was from 1939, and the latest from 1941-1942 (if I am not mistaken).  That was such a hugely important period in time, with World War 2 going on, and so many changes being made in society.  The bans and restrictions on materials and foods, the increased effort for everyone to do their part and support their country, the sense of national pride and being part of a huge family of people with the same goals...  I find that fascinating!

The bad thing was that after I left the store, I realised that the magazines had an extremely strong musty/mildew smell.  Poo!  So, I am trying several methods to remove the smell, preserve these vintage magazines, and to prevent contamination with my other books.  Thankfully there appears to be no mold damage on either the cover or interior pages on any of the magazines, just a horrible smell.  Actually, the pages are incredibly well preserved!  So I believe there is hope yet. :D

I can't wait to start taking photos of the articles and posting them up on here for anyone to read (yay no copyrights because they are more than 50 years old! XD).

So in the near future there will be quite a few vintage themed posts :).

If I can effectively rid the magazines of the mildewyness, I want to go back to the barn and get those space race magazines!

Have a wonderful day, my friends!


EDIT: Nooooo!!!  Upon closer inspection today, they are moldy!! :'(  I had to dispose of them, as I will not be able to remove the mold, and I do not want to infect any of my book collection.  Sigh!

EDIT 2: Woooo my sister helped me take some photos!!! :D  Thank you so much sister <3 p="">

EDIT 3: I thought they were Time magazines (I don't know why lol) but they are in fact Life magazines)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Good morning, dear readers!

I wanted to give a shout out to my Mom, wishing her an awesome birthday! :D

Happy Birthday Mom!!  I hope you have an amazing day, and many more awesome birthdays!!

Love you lots! :D


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do It Yourself Blogs

Good evening, dear readers!

Lately I've been bitten by the do it yourself bug, mainly for cosmetics.

(Huge pros of DIY: it can be crazy cheap, it is fun to experiment, and you get to put what you want in cosmetics and leave out what you don't want.  I like knowing that what I am using isn't harmful, and that it hasn't been tested on animals.)

I have been watching a really excellent show on YouTube, called Victorian Pharmacy.  I believe there are 5 episodes on there (I am on number 4, I think).  (Edit: there are only 4 episodes :( sad face!)

This show (more like a documentary) is about three people who open up their own Victorian apothecary, using only Victorian recipes, instruments, and ingredients.  It shows you what was in common use back in that time, what helpful products they made and used, along with what not-so-healthy products (the antimony everlasting pill and double cyanide bandages, anyone?).

I find this fascinating!! :D  I've always been interested in beauty routines and products from the past (all the way back to what the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used).  I think it is amazing to be able to re-create ancient recipes for make up, perfumes, and body care.

Along with watching that show, I have been frequenting a couple blogs that I have found both very interesting and knowledgeable about DIY cosmetics:

The Gibson Girl's Guide to Glamor
-This blog is all about Victorian and Edwardian beauty and style.  The blog author shares a lot of old recipes, photos and articles (written back in that time).  She also shows you how she makes authentic Victorian inspired cosmetics, created using ingredients and recipes that the ladies of days passed have used.

Crunchy Betty
-This blog is awesome!!  I'm sure that many of you are already aware of its existence, as she has tens of thousands of followers on facebook alone.  I, on the other hand, stumbled upon it just today, and I have read and skimmed through a lot of articles, laughing at her witty commentary, and marvelling at her ideas and suggestions.  She is a fantastic DIY teacher!

A few things I learned recently was that I can make my own face powder out of corn starch!  How awesome is that? :D (Also, arrowroot powder!)

I also made my own body scrub today, with a spicey autumn/winter baked goods scent.  If I find my recipe works out well, I will post it up on the blog very soon.

I want to create more of my own body products.  I need a few more supplies, but I have several essential oil mixtures aging for creating my own perfumes. :D

Are you a fan of doing and making things yourself? If so, what do you like to make (or would love to learn how to make)?

In the future I would love to make my own soaps!

Take care and have an awesome evening!! :D


Saturday, July 20, 2013

O.P.I Number One Nemesis and Orly Halo

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I have a polish combination to show you that I absolutely love!!!  It has turned out to be one of my favourite combinations to date :D.

Here I used a base of O.P.I Number One Nemesis, and then I applied some Orly Halo over top:

It looks even more sparkly and awesome in real life :D.  I added a small star to my ring finger, because why not? XD

I have been wearing this manicure for a few days, and as you can see there is minimal tip wear.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! :D


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Born Pretty Store Studs Review

Good morning, dear readers!

If you read yesterdays post you'll know that I am doing part 2 of the Born Pretty Store product reviews today.  Along with the awesome rhinestones and nail art brushes, I was sent these silver toned studs to review:

The studs are 15 mm in diameter, and the bag contains a lot of them!  These are really easy to apply, and I can see myself using them for many more manicures.  Here is some false nail art I did using them:

I definitely recommend these!! :D They are small, so you can do more intricate designs with them, and you can fit a lot of them on one nail.  Seriously, these are really fun to use!! :D

If you would like to place an order with the Born Pretty Store, you can use the code CBJ61 for 10% off of your order. :)

Have a fantastic day!! :D


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Brush and Rhinestone Review

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I have a review of a couple products that were sent to me from the Born Pretty Store.  I got three items for review, but I will review one of the items tomorrow (or this post will be way too long XD).

First up are these gorgeous rhinestones:

This set comes with 12 different rhinestone types, with 6 of each:

The case it comes in has trouble staying closed (you can close it, but if you turned it upside-down it would open), but I much prefer that to something that is rediculously hard to open:

Next, I got these awesome nail art brushes:

The brushes come in 0, 00, 000 and 0000 sizes.  While there was a couple hairs on some that were a teensy bit too long, I just trimmed them easily with scissors.

Here is some nail art that I made using both the brushes and the rhinestones:

(Any mistakes on these nails were my own fault, not the brushes.  Some days I just have a tough time making lines XD)

Here are my opinions on the two products:

The rhinestones are gorgeous and are perfect for big and small accent pieces on nails.

The brushes are in all honesty, the BEST nail art brushes that I have ever used.  Seriously.  They are wonderfully pointy, and the brush hairs have a great amount of spring to them.  They stay in shape and are not 'floppy' like a lot of brushes are.  I cannot recommend them enough.

Once again Born Pretty Store has provided some really lovely products!!!

I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to review these wonderful items :D.

If you want to try these or any other products from Born Pretty Store, you can use the code CBJ61 for 10% off of your order.

I hope that you have an amazing day!! :D


Monday, July 15, 2013

China Glaze Watermelon Rind and O.P.I Last Friday Night

Good morning, dear readers!

Today I have a mani that I made with China Glaze Watermelon Rind and O.P.I Last Friday Night.

I love the colour of Watermelon Rind, but I am not a huge fan of foils, so this is a so-so polish for me.  Last Friday Night is an amazing glitter, and a great substitute for Sinful Colors Hottie (SC tests on animals, so I don't use their polishes anymore).

The lighting here is weird, but I think it helps to show off the glitter (this is how it looks in regular lighting, for some reason my camera doesn't pick up the glitter as well):

I hope that you had an awesome weekend!! :D


Friday, July 12, 2013

Backyard in July

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I popped out back (in our backyard) to grab a few photos and take a peek at some of our plants growing out there.  We have a really good variety of plants (from bee balm, raspberries, grapes and lemon balm, to lavender, daisys, lilacs, marshmallow and mushrooms of all sorts!).

Here are a few photos:

Oh how I love thee lemonbalm!

My sister got a few photos of this cute little dragonfly:


Years ago we had an infestation of raspberries, and we tried to get rid of them because their root system is rediculous.  Low and behold:

They are growing out from under our deck!!

Some plant variety:

Those are grapes growing up the side of our house!

An assortment of possible paint worthy rocks:

Some more plants:

Some of the cutest grapes!!


I really like our backyard and that we have so many types of plant life.  I also like how the plants bloom at different times so next month there will be new blooms to photograph.

I hope that you have an amazing weekend!! :D


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Night Sky Rock Painting

Good morning, dear readers!

I hope that you are doing well :D.

I decided that I want to feature more art on my blog (that's what I wanted it to be mainly about in the first place XD).

My sister and I have taken up painting on rocks, which is really fun!  I need to go down to a river to find more smooth stones to work on.

Here is a night sky rock that I did (I made a planet instead of a moon):

It hasn't been varnished yet, so I am looking forward to doing that (I find it makes it look just so nice!).

Have you ever painted rocks?  I don't remember doing this as a kid, but I know that a lot of people have done so when they were growing up.

Have a wonderful day! :D


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!! :D and China Glaze Atlantis

Good morning, dear readers!

First off I want to start this post by wishing my Dad an amazing birthday!!! YAAAAY! Dad, I hope you have a fantastic day and an amazing year.  Happy birthday!!!!!! :D

Second, I decided to get off my ass and do a post.  I'm still sick, but I feel really bad about neglecting my blog so much.  So here is China Glaze Atlantis:

This stunner was sent to me from Brandi, over at The Beaulieu Review.  This was on my wishlist from the moment I saw it, and she sent it to me along with Hare Atolla and Pretty & Polished Tart as a Secret Santa pressie. :D  You are amazing Brandi!!!!

This is an amaaaazing viridian jelly with glitter that has a holographic shine to it, bouncing light back at you in all different colours.  This is officially one of my favourite nail polishes.  Not only that, but it is called Atlantis, and I LOVE that.  The myth of Atlantis has always been interesting to me, so that just bumps the love factor of this polish up even higher.

What are your thoughts on Atlantis?

Have an awesome day!


Products I'm Really Enjoying Right Now

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