Sunday, April 21, 2013

Essence Vintage District

Good morning, dear readers!

Last week I was able to pick up a few Essence products, from their Vintage District collection.  I picked up two lovely nail polishes, a blush, and a gorgeous eye liner. :D

Here is the Antique Pink nail polish:

Here is Shopping @ Portobello Road:

The gel eyeliner I got was also in Shopping @ Portebello Road:

And last but not least... the blush, which was in It's Popul-Art:

It is a lovely peach with a thin, gold powder on top of the flower.  Underneath the gold is a lovely pink!

Here is a swatch of the peach, then the mixed gold, and then the pink:

And here is a swatch of the peach and pink:

Overall I really like this collection!  They had several other products in the display, but I think we got a small display because some of the other products weren't in it and didn't seem to have a place for them on the stand.

As a bonus, I believe all of the products were $4 or under (yay!!).

Have you tried any of the Essence Vintage District collection?

(This collection really reminds me of you, Jessica!! :D)

Have an awesome day!!



  1. I love that blue polish! I really want to check out those essence products, since we have a display in the Shoppers I go to, but I'm not out of anything yet (darn) and am trying to work my way through my stash... augh, no fun, lol! Definitely lusting after that eyeliner, too!

  2. I bought the blue polish but haven't tried it yet. I also got the blush and love it! Xo

  3. The polishes are really nice, such unusual colours. I wish we could get Essence here.

  4. I need that antique pink !!! I'm going to look for it today!

  5. That blush is so pretty! It's perfect. Ugh, I want it. <3

  6. im LOVING those polishes - and that blush! omg. if i got that blush i would never want to use it, it is too too beautiful!

  7. Beatiful swatches, I've been wanting to see this collection! I officially must have that blush, lol.

  8. Oh my word, I'm smitten! Both of those nail polish hues in particular are stunning. Want!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. @ Lindsey R: Heheheh!! At least you can ‘shop your own stash’ :D. I love the eyeliner and polish too!!

    @ Never Mind Suzi: Awesome!!! :D Aren’t they so pretty??

    @ Robyn Munro: Aw, I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t available where you are.

    @ Amanda: Thank you!! :D

    @ Lapin qui sautille: I hope that you can find it!! :D

    @ Kasey Campa: I’m glad you like it too!! :D I hope that you can find it :D

    @ Gnarly Gnails: It really is so pretty!!! But I wanted to wear it so I started using it hehe XD

    @ Liesl: Hahah isn’t it gorgeous??! Thank you for the compliment!! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: I am so glad you like them!! :D The whole collection reminded me of you :D

  10. Ooh nice items! I love how affordable they are! :D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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