Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Pink Collection of Polishes

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far.  My birthday is on Sunday, so I am pretty pumped!! :D  Also, I will be drawing the winner for my giveaway on Sunday, so here is the link in case you haven't entered (U.S.A and Canadian residents only, sorry :( ), and be sure to check to see who won. :D

I LOVE looking at nail polish collections online (I actually have a folder on my desktop called "Epic Nail Polish Collections", where I store photos I found of awesome nail polish collections :D).  So, like so many other bloggers do, I will be showing my collection in parts, categorized by colour (not including frankens).  :D

Today's post is about the pink polishes I own.

Here is the whole collection of pinks (not that many):

Now so you can actually see what I have:

From R to L I have: Butter London Snog, Orly Preamp, O.P.I Pedal Fast Suzi, O.P.I Nothin' Mousie About It, O.P.I Teenage Dream and L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Inspire.

From R to L I have: Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, Sinful Color 24/7, Sinful Colors Boom Boom, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bubblegum Pink, Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Hot Magenta and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Twisted Pink.

And last but not least (sorry that the photo is a bit blurry >.<'), from R to L: Color Club unnamed (I hate that!!), Revlon Poplular, Claire's Candy Shop (I think it is hilarious that they didn't even bother changing the name when they made this dupe XD), Essence Ultimate Pink and Essence Glamorous Life.

So there we have it; my collection of pinks!! :D

What is your favourite pink polish?



  1. Lovely pinks - I don't have any favorite in particular, but I like them hot and preferably neon :)

  2. oooo pink heaven! all of them are gorgeous!

  3. Glad to see you have Candy Shop - a necessity! I am not a fan of pinks but do have that one as well as a Sinful Color hot pink (for those times when I'm in an 80's mood, haha).

  4. @ Marias Nail Art: Awesome choice!!! :D

    @ esmeheredia: Thank you!!! :D I'm so glad you like them!! ^-^

    @ To {Polish} or Not: Me too!!!! :D

    @ tiffanyharvey: Great choices!! :D I have way more blues and purples in my collection (my favourite colours, along with green), but have been on a bit of a pink thing lately.

  5. Great collection! I think my favorite pink polish is "Lauren" by Julep. It is so beautiful!

  6. I own very little pink. I like the color but I guess I'm not drawn to it in a bottle

  7. @ Southern Glamourista: Thank you!! :D OOh, that one is really pretty!! :D

    @ sue: I own very little pink compared to other colours in my collection too. Only recently did I really start to purposely get some.

  8. Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter looks amazing! Pink is probably the polish colour that I have most of, but amazingly we only have one in common - Sinful Colors 24/7!

  9. @ NotesandNails: Same here!! XD

    @ Leanne: Really??? That is surprising!! :D But I guess I don't have that many of them. 24/7 is gooorgeous, and if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend Pinky Glitter! :D

  10. @ Caroline Jewel: :D!!!!

    @ Meredith Anne: Thank you!! :D

  11. I love Claire's Candy Shop! It is a party in a bottle! I need to get one!

  12. I keep forgetting to pick up that Candy Shop dupe! Thanks for the reminder;) Great collection of pinks!

  13. @ ScarsLikeLace: It really is pretty!!! :D I'm glad you like it!! :D

    @ Lindsey R: No problem. ;) Thank you!! :D

  14. I would love to get Pinky Glitter, but Sinful Colors isn't available in the UK so I have to rely on American friends, and annoying it's one of those ones (like Green Ocean!) that's quite hard to find!

  15. Pink is my all time favorite polish color, so I don't think I can choose just one. I love them all!!!

  16. @ Leanne: Oooh that sucks!! Yeah, I have to rely on friends in the U.S.A too :(. I didn't realise that it was hard to find :O.

    @ MariJo: :D I hear you!! :D When it comes to blue, I love so many XD!

  17. Looove pink! Too hard to choose a favorite!

  18. @ Amanda: That is like me and blues/teals :D!

  19. I love your pink collection!! Right now my favorite pink would have to be China Glaze's Pink Voltage! I love the charge of it! :P

  20. love love love pink!! Great color to start of showing your collection. Will you be sharing your frankens too?

  21. I forgot about OPI "It's My Year". It's a pink with a golden shimmers that can look pink, purple, or copper depending on the light. I tried layering it over different purples recently & it gave them a very 'Zoya' look.

  22. Nice collection...24/7 is one of my all time favorite pinks!

  23. This post (and awesome collection) makes every inch of my girly-girl, pink adoring, nail polish loving heart smile!!!

    ♥ Jessica


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