Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Regional Polish - Joe Fresh Starry

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Sorry about the lateness of this TT post; I got up early to do stuff in town, and when I got back I really needed a nap.  I then had a semi-crappy nap, and dreamed of the Queen.  LOL XD!

Anyhoo!  This Twinsie edition is supposed to be of a polish that is available where you are, and a bit harder to find in other places.

So!!  I have a Joe Fresh polish for you today. :D For those who haven't heard of this polish: it is available mainly in Canada (and only a couple places in the U.S.A), and is a pretty nice nail polish line! :D  I got mine at the local grocery store, which happens to have a Joe Fresh make up and clothing section.

This is Starry.  This is probably my favourite out of all the Joe polishes I have seen!  The glitter is amazing...it is silver and holo flecks!  Whee!! :D  (Oh, and an FYI: it is AMAZING to franken with!!  Trust me!! ;D!!)

So here are the photos of this beauty:

This is four thin-ish coats, all of which applied like a dream. (Please forgive the dry skin and the blob on the pinky, which I just noticed now lol).

OMG!!  My photos do not do this polish justice!!  It is stunning in real life!! :D  I went to try and take a photo of it outside in the sun, but it's all cloudy out now (I hope we get some much needed rain!).

If you have the opportunity to get this, I really suggest you do!!!  It costs $4.00 CAN, or 3 for $10.00.

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Take care, my friends!! :D

-Ashesela :D


  1. oooo this is stunning! im jelly! love it!!!

  2. I need more Joe Freshs in my life! I love this!

  3. @ Norelis Ocasio: Thank you!! :D They have such great polishes!!! :D

    @ esmeheredia: I'm so glad you like it!!! :D

    @ GoingtotheShowing: I'm really glad you like it, Anna!! :D!!!

  4. So pretty! Ash, I feel so bad! I haven't tried the one you sent me yet! I feel like I put all of the polishes you send me into a precious pile that says, "Use only for special occasions" LOL!

  5. @ AllThatIsGorgeous: OOOOH then you still have yet to be wowed by its magical gorgeousness!!! :D Tell me what you think!! :D

    @ Sandra: I'm really glad you like it! :D!!!

  6. Starry is my fave Joe as well! So awesome! Imagine they came out with some linear holo's?!! Us Canadian's can dream!

  7. @ Anne Thompson: :D!!! I love how this one is a mix between a scattered and a linear holo. Best of both worlds! :D

    @ Meredith Anne: I am so glad you like it!!! :D

  8. Wow, this polish is super amazing!

  9. Great swatch! I haven't seen this one yet, definitely going to be on the lookout!

  10. @ To {Polish} or Not: I am so glad you like it!!! :D

    @ Amanda: Isn't it???!! :D

    @ JennaFroggy: :D Next time we do a swap remind me and I'll try to get you a bottle! :D

    @ Lindsey R: Ooooh definitely get it if you get the chance!! :D It is so much more beautiful in real life! :D

  11. Joe Fresh seems to have a lot of interesting colors, I hope to get some of them on my nails one day - thanks for sharing!

  12. omg I can only imagine the sparkly goodness this polish has in real life!

  13. Gorgeous! I wish we had Joe Fresh in the states. This reminds me a bit of DS Coronation.

  14. Oh wow! I have not seen this at my Superstore yet! Preetttyy!

  15. This is so pretty! Probably would look great with a matte topcoat :D

  16. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower -- hope you can check my blog out too! : )


  17. Love (!) that the polish in this chic mani is Canadian. I wear a couple of Joe Fresh's hues quite often, too, especially their sweetly lovely pale mint green (it goes with a surprising number of other colours to the point of teetering on being a neutral).

    ♥ Jessica

  18. I need some Joe Fresh in my life. All the swatches I've seen of this brand have been amazing.

  19. @ HaulOfFame: I am so glad you like it!!!! :D

    @ Marias Nail Art: They really do!! I hope you can too!!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Oooh, it is sooo pretty!!!! :D

    @ Chelsea: I know that there are a couple places that sell it in the states, but not many :(.

    @ Jayne: I’m so glad you like it!! :D!

    @ Sera: OOoh that would be really interesting!! Thank you for the idea!! :D

    @ pretty little things: Thank you so much!!! I am following your blog too! :D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: I love it!!! :D

    @ Jessica Cangiano: Ooh, I should totally pick that one up!!! :D

    @ ChiChi: I hope that you can get some!! I’ve had some really good experiences with their polishes. :D

  20. Pretty! <3

    Just found your blog through BlogLoveTherapy. Following :)

    Follow back?

    -Kendall & Tiana

  21. LOL I love that you dreamed of the Queen, I always have the strangest dreams when I'm in the half awake half asleep stage, the latest one was of me being a drag queen. What???

    Anyway, thanks for posting this polish.. I keep picking it up and putting it back down but after seeing this I won't hesitate next time!

  22. @ THIRTEEN: Thank you so much!! :D I am following you too! ^-^

    @ YoannitaL: I am very glad you like it!! :D

    @ Julie: LOL!!!!! XD SO funny! :D I get so many zombie dreams :O. I think one of the most recent ones I had was I had been working on a space ship XD. I am so glad you like this polish!! I definitely agree that you should get it!! :D

  23. Beautiful! It's been awhile since I've checked out Joe Fresh polishes- and I'll definitely have to go have another look at them after seeing this!

  24. Wow, how gorgeous!! I've never seen this brand before, but I seriously like. The holo sparkle looks fantastic, but even when the light's not blinging off of it, the silvery texture is amazing. Very pretty!


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