Monday, July 09, 2012

Messy Freehand Design Over Sally Hansen Posh Plum

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today I have a messy manicure to show you.  I started out with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Posh Plum, which I think is an amazing coloured polish!!!  The problem I have been having lately with this line, is there are tiny bumps (pigment maybe?) in the polish when I put it on my nail.  :(  Gorgeous colour (and absolutely amazing formula and application) so I will wear it anyway, but I wish those bumps weren't in it.  :(

This manicure I did while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and it is pretty messy because I did this design in very limited light.  XD  That's what you get for painting your nails in the shadows.

See those bumps??  Sigh.  :(

The same thing is happening in my bottle of SH Hot Magenta.  :(  Anyone else having this problem with the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line?

Anyhoo, I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!! :D

-Ashesela ;)


  1. Even in the dark. Blindfolded. With one arm tied behind your back with elevator music blaring in your ears and defective still pull off beautiful manicures.

  2. Wow, if this is messy, you don't want to see my messy! This is beautiful!

  3. You say messy?? This is perfect. But no, haven't really experienced bubbling issues with this line, although to be honest, I haven't really used any of mine in awhile :/

  4. I don't see any bumps - this is very lovely, love it!

  5. Messy?! Ash, you have no idea how hard it would be for me to do something like this hahaha. I've never experienced any bumpiness with my SH Xtreme Wear polishes, how odd!

  6. I see the bumps not sure what would cause that tho. I think you did a awesome freehand job on this I could never pull that off i'm so shaky.

  7. Even if you painted your nails in the dark, they looks super awesome! I haven't noticed any other the problems you were talking about.

  8. lol I don't see anything messy either! :D It looks great! I love your designs!!

  9. The black looks really great with this polish! It is gorgeous!

  10. Lovely manicure, I love the black over that color. I want it! I've never had trouble with their Xtreme Wear line, that's so strange. Maybe putting some steel balls in it and shaking the life out of it? Or some thinner? That sucks, it's such a pretty color!

  11. I have been experiencing alot of bubbles lately. I have been blaming the high humidity and heat/ac

  12. This isn't messy, its beautiful! I don't have that problem with my polishes from that line, I've had really good experience with them. I'm wearing Hot Magnet now & she's fine. Maybe it could be your base or top coat? x :-)

  13. @ polishyoftruth: :’D Thank you!!! :’D

    @ Amanda: Thank you so much :’D!! OOoh I never thought that they may be bubbles!!

    @ Marias Nail Art: Thank you so much!! :’D If you zoom in on the photos you can see them in the purple. :(

    @ Chelsea: I wonder why mine did that :(. Oh well, still beautiful polishes! :D

    @ Beauty on a College budget: :’D Thank you so much!!! That means a lot :’D.

    @ drinkcitra: :’D Thank you so much!!!

    @ ScarsLikeLace: :’D Thank you!! I’m so glad you like the combination! :D

    @ Kaki: :D I am so glad you like it!! :D Yeah, the weird lumps are only in a few of my Sally’s. Thank you for the suggestions!!!

    @ sue: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ JennaFroggy: Oooh I never thought of that!!! :O We have been having a lot of humidity here, maybe that’s what’s doing it! Thank you for the ideas!!

    @ CharlieDBeauty: Thank you :’D!! I’m not sure what is causing it, as I don’t wear base coat and it did this before I applied the top coat. :( But thank you for the suggestions!! :D

    @ Meredith Anne: :’D Thank you so much!!!

  14. omg this is gorgeous! you are so talented :)

  15. @ esmeheredia: Thank you so much!!! :'D

  16. if you think this is messy, I should try to re-create it...that would be MESSY!

  17. @ Malinda: AHAHAHHAA!!! :'D Oh man you are hilarious!!! XD Sorry, for some reason some of my regular comments go into the spam folder for no reason, so I get them late. :/ Thank you for that amazing comment!! :'D

    @ Ashley K: Thank you so much :'D!!!

    @ ChiChi: Aw, I'm sure you would do a lovely job!!! :D

  18. This isn't messy! It's so gorgeous!!! Loooove it :D And to bad you have this problem with the polish :(


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