Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday: Regional Polish - Joe Fresh Starry

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Sorry about the lateness of this TT post; I got up early to do stuff in town, and when I got back I really needed a nap.  I then had a semi-crappy nap, and dreamed of the Queen.  LOL XD!

Anyhoo!  This Twinsie edition is supposed to be of a polish that is available where you are, and a bit harder to find in other places.

So!!  I have a Joe Fresh polish for you today. :D For those who haven't heard of this polish: it is available mainly in Canada (and only a couple places in the U.S.A), and is a pretty nice nail polish line! :D  I got mine at the local grocery store, which happens to have a Joe Fresh make up and clothing section.

This is Starry.  This is probably my favourite out of all the Joe polishes I have seen!  The glitter is amazing...it is silver and holo flecks!  Whee!! :D  (Oh, and an FYI: it is AMAZING to franken with!!  Trust me!! ;D!!)

So here are the photos of this beauty:

This is four thin-ish coats, all of which applied like a dream. (Please forgive the dry skin and the blob on the pinky, which I just noticed now lol).

OMG!!  My photos do not do this polish justice!!  It is stunning in real life!! :D  I went to try and take a photo of it outside in the sun, but it's all cloudy out now (I hope we get some much needed rain!).

If you have the opportunity to get this, I really suggest you do!!!  It costs $4.00 CAN, or 3 for $10.00.

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Take care, my friends!! :D

-Ashesela :D

Monday, July 30, 2012

Myviven Nail Lacquer and KKCenterHK Review

Good evening, dear readers! :D

Today I have a gorgeous polish to share with you.

I was contacted by KKCenterHK, asking if I would like to do a review on one of their products available on their website.  So I said yes! :D  The lady I was in contact with the whole time was very nice.  :D

I was given the option to choose what I would like to review, and I chose this: Myviven Nail Lacquer in SG34.  (SG just makes me think of Star Gate, lol!! XD).

This is a stunning green glitter, which contains small green and orange (more sparse) glitter, medium iridescent glitters and green star (!!) glitters! :D  There are also small/medium dark blue glitters that look stunning when they catch the light.  I absolutely adore star glitter, so I was quite excited to receive this! :D

Now onto the photos of this beauty!  Here are 2-3 coats over black:

I am a big fan!! :D

Although it took several swipes to get to this amount of glitter, it wasn't too hard to fish for stars and the formula was good.  It also dried pretty fast and shiny (although I am wearing a shinier top coat in the above photos).

This retails for $10 USD.  While I find that to be a bit on the expensive side for polish, I know that if I saw this in a store, I would definitely want to buy it!  I mean, there are stars!!  I love stars!! XD  I am also a fan of glitters.

What do you think?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Freehand Flowers and... Cabbage??!

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

I still have a loooong way to go with practising one stroke flower designs, but here is my most recent manicure attempt:

The leaves on the middle finger look kind of like a cabbage.  XD

For the base I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue It, and then I painted the designs on with acrylic craft paint.  I have to say, Blue It is an AMAZING polish!!!  The colour and formula are fantastic!! :D  I can't recommend this polish enough (and it is inexpensive to boot!).

As you can see I have a LOT more practice to go, but it is so fun to do that I don't mind! :D

I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!!  My birthday is coming up soon (8 days) and I am SO EXCITED!!! :'D

Take care, my friends!!

-Ashesela ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beyond the Wall Manicure

Good morning, dear readers! :D

Today's manicure is a freehand one that my sister did a while back.  Unfortunately I forgot to post it before, but here it is:

:D!!  It was inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire, and the wintery, White Walker goodness that is beyond the wall.  :D  I love this manicure!!!  I think she did an absolutely wonderful job!!!! :D

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Weird Freehand Design

Good afternoon, dear readers!

I usually only show you the manicures that I like (for the most part), but I figured today I would show you one that I don't really like hehe.

I made this mani the other week so I think the base was Maybelline Color Show in Plum Paradise, but I am not 100% sure.  About 95% sure. XD  The designs were made with acrylic paint.

I hope that everyone has an amazing Friday!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Big Money over 3K or More

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

Today's manicure is Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money over Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 3K or More.

Both of these polishes are quite gorgeous!!! :D

I really love how the Gem Crush has both soft gold (not too yellow) glitter and lilac glitter.  So pretty!!!! :D

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :D  I hope you have a fabulous day and an amazing year!!  Love ya!!! :D

Have a wonderful day everyone! :D

-Ashesela ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Twisted Pink and Black Freehand

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Today's manicure is a simple pink and black design.  For the base I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (I LOVE this line!!) in Twisted Pink, and for the black I used black acrylic paint.  I then added some black rhinestones from Cult Nails, and topped it with top coat.  :D

Whee!! :D

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

-Ashesela ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

300th Blog Post and Twinsie Tuesday

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

I am so happy to announce that this is my 300th post!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! :D  Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey.  I am so grateful for every view, like, comment, and reader that I have. :'D  Thank you all so much!!!

Today is also Twinsie Tuesday.  I apologize for my late post, as I got my dates all mixed up. :S

This TT post was supposed to be based on a polish that we got for a great deal.  I wasn't sure what to use, so I used my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blizzard Blue, over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink.  I got the Blizzard Blue for $1.99 I think?  (The older bottle I had of it, anyway.  This bottle is a new one that I got for regular price).

The designs were made from pink and blue paint, and the bows were from an adorable Hello Kitty nail sticker set I got for Christmas from my friend.  :D

This isn't my favourite manicure ever, but it was one of those days when none of your manicures seem to go right.  :(  Oh well!

We have an addition to our Twinsie Tuesday team, so please welcome Maribeth!! :D

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Have a wonderful day my friends!!!


Freehand Flowers and Storm

Good morning, dear readers! :D

I have another flower mani for you today:

For this manicure I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Grey Area as a base, and acrylic paint for the design.  :D

We got a wicked storm yesterday!!!  The temperature was 35 degrees Celcius in the shade, and then by the end of the storm it had dropped to 18 degrees Celcius!!  We had hail and crazy winds and a downpour, accompanied by lots of lightening and thunder.  Here are some photos:

The first photo is the hail I collected.  The second photo is my neighbours front yard, where their large tree came down on their truck!!  The last photo is of our post and the random branches and junk that got sent flying around.

That was one intense storm!!! O_O

I hope that everyone stays safe and has a wonderful day! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Flower Nails (Freehand)

Good morning, dear readers. :D

Today I have another flower manicure, this time using Essence Gleam in Blue.

I used blue and white acrylic paint for the design.  I forgot that this type of blue in paint looks particularly bright on my camera, and is somewhat of a blue-screen blue.  XD It makes taking photos of it rather interesting.  :P

YAY I love painting!!!! :D

I hope that everyone is doing well, and that you have an amazing day! :D

-Ashesela ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Orly Buried Alive Swatch

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

I hope that everyone has been having a great weekend so far.  :)

Today's swatch is of the lovely Orly Buried Alive; a stunning flecked brown number from the Orly Dark Shadows collection.  My sister got me this, and I love it! :D  I am looking forward to wearing it this autumn.

I had to include photos with flash as well as non-flash to show you the depth of this stunner!!  Isn't it gorgeous?!!?  I love how it has that bronze-y shimmer to it! :D

Thank you so much Leah!!!! :'D

Take care, my friends!

-Ashesela ^-^

Saturday, July 21, 2012

GOSH Forest Floor and Freehand Leaves Design

Good super early morning, dear readers! :D

I am at home now, and am back to posting. :)

Today's manicure I have been sporting since before visiting my friend (although these photos were taken shortly after I painted my nails).  I must say though that the manicure has held up pretty well. :)

For this I used a base of GOSH in Forest Floor, and the formula couldn't be more perfect!!  It was so smooth and pigmented (if I was careful it could have been a one coater!).

Here is the gorgeous Forest Floor all by itself:

SO pretty!!!  I am so glad I got this colour!!! :D

For the design I used acrylic paint in yellow, green and red.

I hope that everyone has a safe weekend!


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