Monday, May 21, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge - Day 10 - Gradient

Good early morning, dear readers!

Today I have another gradient to share with you, as this is the theme for day 10 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge.

So this really wasn't the best gradient ever; for some reason I have been having a lot of trouble making gradients lately.  : /

For this I used Zoya Skylar and Zoya Neeka, and topped it off with Sinful Colours Hottie.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend (and for those celebrating Victoria Day, Happy Victoria Day!! :D)!

-Ashesela ;)


  1. these are awesome! im loving all the glitter!

  2. @ esmeheredia: Aw, thank you so much!! :'D

  3. They look like a starry night sky--love 'em!

  4. I need to try more gradients! Looks fabulous!

  5. I love the glitter topcoat. Gorgeous gradient mani!

  6. I really like this one! And Happy Victoria Day to you too (yay no work, lol!)

  7. I think it is lovely! I am not good at gradients. To me, this is fantastic :)

  8. @ Jennius: Thank you!! :D

    @ Malinda: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ Elizabeth: Thank you so much!! I love that description!! :D

    @ Jayne: Thank you!! :D

    @ Polish and Charms: Aw, thank you!!! :D

    @ Lizzy O: Thank you so much!!! :D I love that glitter too! :D

    @ Lindsey R: Thank you!!! :D Haha yeah, holidays are awesome! :D

    @ hollysagemini: Thank you so much!! :'D I really appreciate that!

    @ Tara: :'D Thank you!!! I really appreciate that! :'D

  9. Ugh, I LOVE this! Neeka and Skylar is one helluva combo!

  10. This looks amazing with the glitter on!

  11. @ Amanda: Thank you so much!!! :D I'm so glad you like this!! :D

    @ My Nail Polish Online: Thank you!!! :D

  12. I think it looks like a great gradient! Love the colors you used :)

  13. This is so pretty! I love the sparkles and the blue you choose for the gradient.

  14. @ drinkcitra: Thank you so much!!! :D I'm so glad you like it!! :D

    @ Bethany Taylor: YAY Thank you!!!! :D!!

    @ Ashley K: Thank you!!! :D Haha, I always get a small jolt when I see your name, since mine is Ashley K too hahaa. XD

  15. I like it, subtle, similar shades look elegant, I'd like to see something similar in say red or purple.

  16. Gradients are always so gorgeous!! ^.^

  17. Ooh this looks nice. I really want to true doing a gradient x.:-)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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