Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Twinsie Tuesday - Freehand Nail Art

Good morning dear readers!

This edition of Twinsie Tuesday is supposed to be a go-to manicure / nail polish.  I actually don't have either, as I change what I wear all of the time, and I still have untried polishes so I rarely wear the same polish again and again (for now).

So, for my manicure, I'll show you some nail art that I did using my go-to product... non-toxic acrylic craft paint! :D  I am wearing Essence Ultimate Pink as a base, and I used white paint.  I guess another go-to product for me would be the top coat that I always wear (China Glaze Fast Forward).

I hope that you enjoyed this, as I had so much fun making it! :D

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Have a wonderful day!!


(Edit: please excuse my skin, I got burned on a couple of my fingers and my dry skin decided to have horrible hangnails :()


  1. Wow, these are amazing, your level of detail makes them look so much like Easter eggs! And I really like acrylic paint also, it's much easier to correct mistakes with it versus polish!

  2. Looks just like easter eggs! Your detail is awesome! Good job

  3. so cute!!! i love the design, it's very lacey and pretty

  4. WOW! You freehanded this?! Amazing!

  5. @ Impoverished by Polish: Thank you so much!! :D I find acrylic paint much easier to control. :D

    @ Paulina: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ stephpiperr: Aw, thanks so much!! :D

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: :D Thank you very much!!

    @ Laura: :'D Thank you!!! :'D

  6. Gorgeous! It reminds me of Easter. :) I seriously can't believe you freehand all of these designs. It's amazing!

  7. @ Fingers: Thank you so much!!!!! :'D

    @ Chelsea: Thank you very much!!! :D You are so kind!

  8. I really like this! It's so pretty!

  9. This is so cool! I love the hot pink with the white!

  10. Wow... I thought these were stamped! So stunning!

  11. ASHLEY! These are freaking incredible! I'm amazed at the detail you can put onto such a small canvas. Lol!

  12. The detailing on your nails is just AMAZING!

  13. That's really impressive! Looks great, especially for Easter!

  14. This is beautiful! Your freehand is always amazing :)

  15. @ Norelis Ocasio: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Amanda: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ Jennius: Thank you so much for the compliment!! :D

    @ Bethany Taylor: :’D Thank you so very much for your kindness!!

    @ GoingtotheShowing: Thank you!!!!! :’D

    @ The Collegiate Nail: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Polish and Charms: :D Thank you!!!! :D

    @ Anne Thompson: Thank you very much!! ^-^

    @ drinkcitra: :’D Thank you so much for your kindness!! :’D

    @ Sandra: Thank you!!! :D

  16. I can't believe this is freehand! AMAZING!

  17. @ HaulOfFame: Thank you so much!!!! :'D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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