Tuesday, April 03, 2012

SnailZ Giveaway Winner Announcement

Good morning dear readers!

The SnailZ giveaway has ended, and the winners are:

Jessica S. (1st place)
Breann (2nd place)

Congratulations, and thank you to all who have entered!! :D  I have sent e-mails to these two ladies, and they have 48 hours to respond to me or I will choose new winners.

Have a wonderful day!!!


(Edit: The winners have both contacted me.  Congratulations again Jessica and Breann!!) :D


  1. Congrats ppl:)

    @ash, I didn't even notice the giveaway post you know!:O

  2. Congratulations winners! I'm sad I didn't win though :(

  3. BooHoo I didn't win. :( Congrats to the winners!!Awesome prizes! :)

  4. Yay!! Random number generation ftw! I'm stoked :D And thanks Emm, Bethany, and A Girl and Her Polish :)

  5. Yay! Congrats to the winners!

  6. @ Emm: Aw, I'm sorry to hear that!! D: Next time I will try to send out a reminder before the time is up, I forgot to this time. >.<;

    @ Everyone: Thank you so much for entering this contest and for your support!! I really appreciate the wonderful feedback and the compliments! :'D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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