Saturday, 7 April 2012


Oh no!!!  Blogger has told me that I have reached my maximum number of blogs I can follow!!! D:

Edit: It let me add another (at least it seemed to) but I don't know...iffy!  It says I am at my maximum for following 300 blogs.  :(


  1. Why does it even have a max? seems odd, we should be able to follow as much as we want. maybe it's a spam filter?

  2. Wow that's crazy...I wonder why they have a limit...

  3. @ Parisa: I'm not sure. It makes me sad!! D:

    @ drinkcitra: I know!! :'(

  4. wait, really?! i had no idea that existed [*off to check how many blogs i follow haha*]

  5. follow up: i follow 457 blogs.. and they haven't told me anything limits. how strange!!

  6. @ SeeSarahSwatch: It seemed to happen only when I went to the Blogger Dashboard and manually put in the blogs to follow. So weird! I tried adding a blog by clicking on the add button on a blog (not in the dashboard) and it seemed to work. Very bizarre!!

  7. I've never heard of such a limit, and it doesn't make sense that there even is one. I mean, we add them ourselves, it's not that others can add themselves to our lists. I'm puzzled. :)

  8. I had that message too recently when I used dashboard and also tried to updated my blog list. Strange!

  9. That happened to me the other day too! Although I was following 302 when it said so :/

    But I'm following more blogs since then so I'm just going to ignore it; and hope for the best xD

  10. Don't worry I think it's a blogger error. I got that awhile ago and have added exponentially since. Just wait a few and try again later. There is no limit as far as I know.

  11. I had the same issue and had to unfortunately un-follow a few. Although, when I follow directly from a blog, there's no issue. Just with dashboard :/

  12. @ Rainbowify Me: I know, eh??

    @ Laura: Very!! :(

    @ Jennius: That is so bizarre! XD

    @ Fingers: Ok, phew!!!

    @ Amanda: I wonder why it is so wonky!! :(


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