Sunday, April 01, 2012

End of March Haul

Hello dear readers! :D

I got an amazing haul on Friday (this is all the polish I am allowed to buy until the end of April), and I wanted to show it to you! :D  I am so excited about these polishes!! :D

In the back row there is a bottle of Quo nail polish remover, and two huge containers of different glitters (my Dad picked this up for me!! :D).

In the next row, there is:

- Sally Hansen Glass Slipper (my friend Jenn is sending me one in the mail too, and I picked up one more because I don't want to run out of this!! :D)
- Nicole by O.P.I Rainbow in the S-Kylie (the Rainbow Connection dupe... I had this polish before but I used it up while making frankens... so glad that I could get another bottle! :D)
- O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle (I am sooo excited for this one, the moment I saw photos of it online I knew I needed it!! lol).
- Joe Fresh Starry (kinda a mild silvery holo)
- A bunch of Color Clubs that have no names

In the next row forward, there is:
- Barielle Buddha-ful (it has flakies in it!!! :D)
- Barielle Swizzle Stix
- Barielle Blossom
- Barielle Grape Escape
- Barielle Do Unto Others
- Another Color Club with no name
- Essence Black is Back
- Essence Break Through
- Essence Where is the Party?
- Essence Let's Get Lost

In the first row, there is:
- Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine
- Essence Ultimate Pink
- Essence Space Queen
- Essence Walk on Air
- Essence Luxury Secret
- Essence Nude It!
- Essence Sweet as Candy
- Essence Walk of Fame

WOW!! :D

I actually picked up even more polishes, but those are to be sent out with packages. :D
Now I am out of money, hahah!! :'D

I was SO happy to be able to get Essence polishes!!  I had never ever seen them before I got sent one in a nail mail, and I thought that they weren't available here in Canada.  At least, definitely not where I live!  But when I stepped into a pharmacy just to have a look around, I found a new display of it! :D  As the sales lady told me Shopper's Drug Mart bought the rights to sell Essence here, and this will be the only place you will be able to get it in Canada.  Not all of the Shopper's have them right now, so I was super happy to find them in my local one!! :D  So I grabbed a bunch!

I also went to Winners, and bought those 5 Barielle shades for...get this...$6.99 (plus tax).  FOR 5!!!!  Not each, but all together! :D  Super win!

I also got a pack of 7 bottles of Color Club for $14.99 (plus tax), and they are gorgeous shades!! :D  The only problem is that they don't have any names on them.  I thought that I could easily find the names online, but nope!  I still don't know what they are.  I even tried to describe them, and I typed in the title on the box, but I came up with no results.  So I ask thee: does anyone know what colours these are??  (Here is a picture without flash, and another with it).

I'm pretty stumped!

Anyhoo, I hope that everyone has an absolutely amazing day!!! :D



  1. Nice haul! I saw your bottle of Quo remover and realized you're a fellow Canuck!
    Good luck with the no-buy!

  2. @ Natalie: Thank you!! :D Yeppo, I live in the Ottawa region. :D

  3. What a lovely haul! Oh no! Lindsey from mynailtopia got that same Color Club set and she couldn't figure the names out either!! :( Hopefully they appear somewhere!

  4. That Essence display in Shoppers was a nice surprise! I've only picked up Walk on Air so far, but I want to pick over the display some more:) The polishes were super cheap too, love that!

  5. @ drinkcitra: Thank you!! :D Oh boy, now I really wonder what these are called!! D:

  6. @ Lindsey R: Me too!!! :D I want to get more! XD I love how cheap they are too!!!

  7. very cute!!!!!

  8. Great haul! There are usually a few Essence bottles at the Ulta stores around where I live but I've only seen Color Club in person once! The Color Club ones you picked look very pretty--I wish I knew the names...

  9. such a great haul! I can imagine the joy you feel to see all your new babies..believe me when i round up everything I bought for the month i get pretty excited too! that is until i realize i only have lint left in my pockets LOL :)

  10. So many great polishes! Too bad about the Color Clubs... But you could always use them to franken with :D

  11. There's a seller on eBay that sells a set just like yours. She (or he) calls it from the "Alter Ego" collection, and lists the colours like this:
    903 Get A Clue, 904 Revealed, 905 Incognito, 906 Secret Rendezvous, 907 Sheer Disguise, 908 Give Me A Hint, Base Coat.

    Some of them could be right, but not all of them, really.

    I've got the link to the seller in case you're interested. :)

  12. Oh you're making me jealous :-( Looking forward to seeing swatches of all these though!

  13. What an amazing haul. Enjoy with Essence polishes, they're great. :D I so envy you Color Club polishes. I still don't have any. Some of the color are available here, but they're so expensive. :( Looking foward to see your swatches.

  14. So glad we can finally get SOME Essence polish in Canada. They're so pretty :)

  15. @ Miriam Helena: Thank you!! :D

    @ Chelsea: Thank you!!! :D I usually see Color Club at Winners (the place where I got these). I’ve seen them once or twice at Sally Beauty Supply, but that’s about it. It’s a shame they don’t have Winners in the states!

    @ LabMuffin: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ Nails by Diana: Thank you!! :D Hahaha, I know what you mean about the lint being the only thing left! XD

    @ My Nail Polish Online: Very true!!! :D Man do I ever love frankening! XD

    @ Rainbowify Me: Aw, thank you so much!!! I will definitely check them out!! I would love the link if you wouldn’t mind sending it! :D

    @ Laura: Sorry : (. I’m looking forward to swatching them!! :D

    @ Taya: Thank you so much!! :D This is the first time I’ve bough Color Club! I hope that they are good! I was really lucky to find this set of Color Club for only $14.99! I’ve got to go to that store more often!

    @ Julie: Yeah!!!! :D I’m so glad too!!

  16. I sent the link to you in an email. :)

  17. @ Rainbowify Me: Thank you so much!!! ^-^

    @ Jennius: Me too!! :D


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