A Whole New World

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good morning, dear readers.  :D

Here is the lovely polish "A Whole New World", by the lovely Sarah over at See Sarah Swatch.

She sent this to me in the mail, and it looks so beautiful!

I wanted to show a bunch of photos, both with and without flash, so you could see all of the jelly goodness! :D  I absolutely ADORE jelly polishes, especially ones with interesting glitter, and this polish is one of the most beautiful ones that I own!  Plus, I love the name, as Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies! :D

Sarah has an Etsy shop where she sells some of her frankens as well as beautiful nail polish jewelry.  I heartily suggest checking it out! :D

Thank you again so much, Sarah!!


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  1. @ GoingtotheShowing: XD Yeah, I adore it!!!

    @ Paulina: I completely agree!! She makes such wonderful frankens!

  2. Aw A Whole New World is lovely!

  3. @ Polish and Charms: Me too!!! :D She is so talented!

    @ drinkcitra: I love it!! :D Sarah is amazing at making frankens!!

  4. Holy stunning! Also it gets bonus points for the Aladdin title, I hadn't even thought of that till now, but it definitely does remind me of the night sky when they're singing that song!

  5. @ Crystal: Doesn't it?? I was thinking the same thing!! So beautiful!

  6. This is really pretty! It fits Aladdin so well!!

  7. Sarah did a magnificent job!


Thank you for your comments! :D