Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nail Mails of Epic Proportions

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

As promised, here is a peek of the amazing nail mail that I got this morning!  I have been swapping with several lovely ladies, and by 9 a.m. this morning, I had 13 new nail polishes!! :D  I had a migraine but I was so over the moon with these polishes, that I was incredibly happy despite the pain.

First up, is a package from the lovely Katee (from A Girl and Her Polish)!

YAY CANDY!! :D XD  I am so excited for the polish!! :D  I've already dug into the candy and my sister and I finished off the Peeps already.  XD  So good! XD  She also sent me a really sweet card!

So from left to right, I got:
-essence Wake Up! (my first essence!!)
-Sinful Colors Green Ocean
-Sinful Colors Irish Green
-Sinful Colors Cinderella
-Sinful Colors Zeus
 These are all amazingly beautiful polishes and I am so looking forward to wearing them!! :D
I saw a photo of the Sinful Colors St. Patrick's Day display and I really wanted these, but soon forgot about them.  Then KABLAM!  In my mail!! :D  Also, she held onto this Cinderella so she could send it to me, and I am so grateful!


Next, here is what I received from the lovely Winnie!

She sent me a lovely note and a lot of beautiful polish!

From left to right:
-Revlon Whimsical
-Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink
-China Glaze Techno
-China Glaze Kinetic Candy
-Zoya Skylar
-Sinful Colors Cinderella
-Sinful Colors Rise and Shine
-Sinful Colors Zeus

These are so wonderful!!  I am so looking forward to wearing these!! :D

I got two Sinful Colors Cinderellas today, and two more Sinful Colors Zeus (so I had three in total!! :D).  I am so happy!  I gave one to my sister.  ^-^


Seriously ladies, thank you so incredibly much!!  I really am so happy!!!  I am going to have an incredible time swatching these!!!  I got to cross out so many lemmings because of you two!! ^-^

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!



  1. Wow! Your mail made MY day better! haha Awesome. Can't wait for pretty nails!!

  2. Nail mail is so awesome! Can't wait to see you use them :)

  3. @ Nory O.: Yeah!! I am ecstatic! :D

    @ Kaki: Hahahah!! :D

    @ LabMuffin: It really is!! Me too!! :D

  4. @ Polish and Charms: I can't wait to do them!! :D

  5. They all look amazing! I'm excited to see swatches too!

  6. So many beautiful polishes! I can't wait to see them!

  7. That's a fantastic nail mail indeed!

  8. This is really great! I really want to get into swapping with other nail enthusiasts. Any tips on how to get started?

  9. @ drinkcitra: Thanks!! Me too! XD

    @ My Nail Polish Online: :D!!!!

    @ Rainbowify Me: :D!!!!

    @ Kia: Thank you!! :D I find one of the easiest ways to start is to find someone in a near country (or in your own) and ask them if they would be interested. I was contacted by my swappers as they either had a polish I was interested in or I had one that they were interested in. Either that or I or they had access to one that I or they couldn't find. Also make sure to check regulations to make sure that there would be no problems shipping polish to that area. There are many more places that I would love to swap to but I am not sure on the regulations, as far countries would need air mail and that may be a problem for polish. :(

    @ Nail Reflections: Thank you!! :D

  10. all Love these colours - great score Ash, you lucky bugger :)

  11. Nail mail is always the best!! I always heard mixed reviews of Cinderella but I tried it and freakin' loved it. Hmmm a layering with Whimsical would be cool, eh? :)

  12. @ hollysagemini: Thank you so much!!! :D I am soooo happy!! XD

    @ Crystal: I LOVE Cinderella. And OMG I took a swatch last night of those two combined!!! :O I will be posting it soon!! :D

  13. What the heck are Peeps? They look so freaking tasty!?

    I'm looking forward to seeing all of these; especially Green Ocean as I'm in love with it :P


Thank you for your comments! :D

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