Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nail Mail 4 - Snow on Snow Swatch

Good afternoon, dear readers! :D

Today I want to share with you some gorgeous polish that I received from the lovely Sarah at See Sarah Swatch.

A little while ago she offered to kindly send me Snow on Snow, which is an absolutely stunning franken that she has made.  Little did I know, she would also send me A Whole New World (another GORGEOUS franken!!) and Sinful Colors Zeus (my first Sinful Colors polish ever!!).  Thank you so incredibly much, Sarah.  These are so incredibly beautiful, and I am also honored to have your frankens in my collection.  They are definitely favourites of mine! :D

So first up, here are photos of the beautiful polishes:

Next, here is Snow on Snow:

And here are some closeups of A Whole New World and Zeus:

Aren't these stunning??!  I have yet to try A Whole New World and Zeus, and am really looking forward to doing so! :D

Thank you again so much Sarah!!

You can order frankens and gorgeous nail polish jewellery by Sarah at her Etsy shop Two Birds One Store.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :D



  1. Gorgeous frankens! Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. I can't wait to see A Whole New World!

  3. Gorgeous frankens! I'm so jealous. And you have amazing cuticles. Just sayin'

  4. How gorgeous! Can't wait to see swatches of the other two!

  5. @ Lindsey R: It is definitely my pleasure sharing these beauties!! :D

    @ Bethany Taylor: Me too!! :D

    @ Kaki: Whaaaat?? My cuticles aren't that great, lol! XD I continuously slathered on cream for most of the evening just so I could take these photos. I have been neglecting my hands a lot in the last two weeks. >.< Thank you for the wonderful compliment!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Me too!!! :D

    @ Polish and Charms: Thank you! :D

  6. Great frankens! A Whole New World looks like a galaxy in a bottle!

  7. @ arfblat: It really does!! :D I love her frankens!

  8. @ Amanda: Thank you very much! :D

  9. A Whole New World looks like it's going to be fantastic. I demand swatches ;)

  10. Woah! Did you use a base coat for Snow on Snow? It looks amazing!


Thank you for your comments! :D

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