Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Stripper to Go Review

Hello dear readers!

Today I have a review of the Deborah Lippmann Stripper to Go Lavender Nail Lacquer Remover Finger Mitts *phew!*.

The wonderful people over at Nail Polish Canada were super kind and sent me six mitts, asking if I could do a review of them.  These retail for $12 per six mitts.  One mitt is said to remove all the nail polish on all ten fingers, including glitter (which is notoriously hard to remove).  They have lavender essential oil in them, so I found that they had a really lovely scent.

So, I was hyped up and ready to try these babies!

I wanted to give an accurate review, so I put 4 thin coats of glitter on my nails and top coat (on both hands).  I was pretty sure that these could remove regular cream nail polish, so I didn't bother with that.  I was going to really test these babies, and that meant glitter.  Aw yeah!  (Oh, and I didn't bother doing a neat job of applying the glitter, since the only reason I had it on was so I could take it off XD).

So here is the mitt:

And here is the first finger that I was cleaning:

Not too bad!! :D  (Just a warning, there is some liquid in the pouch that can pour out if you are not careful).

But... that was the end.  :'(

I really, REALLY wanted to like these.  The scent, while being quite lovely at first, started giving me a headache rather fast.  And the mitt just barely removed any more of my glitter.  Here is what I got after several minutes of scrubbing:

And when I was done and I couldn't use the mitt anymore since it stopped working and my head was hurting, this is the end result:

It looks almost exactly the same as the photo above!!  And here is a shot of my right hand, which I also tried the mitt on...


That was it.  This product is supposed to remove nail polish from all ten fingers, even if it is glitter polish.

So in short, I will have to say that this was a fail for me.  $12 is a lot for a product that doesn't work.  Now I have seen several other reviews where this product worked well for other people, but for some reason it just didn't like me.  I had to rinse my hands afterward to get rid of the headache inducing fragrance (which sucks, because it smelled really good!!).

So there you have it.

Such a shame, as the product idea was really smart, if not a bit expensive.

Have a wonderful day everyone! :D


(EDIT: I was asked to let you know that Nail Polish Canada also has other Deborah Lippmann items available, at :D)


  1. That's too bad it didn't work. I hate it when products don't work like they say they would. Especially when there expensive.

  2. @ Paulina: I completely agree!!

  3. Thanks for the review! Bummer that they didn't live up to the hype. Definitely not a good buy for that price. Oh well, looks like I'll be sticking to the good old foil method for glitters =)

  4. @ Jacqui: I definitely agree with your decision. I had a much easier (and successful!) time removing the glitter with a regular cotton face pad and nail polish remover.

  5. Looks like I will be sticking with my regular old polish remover!

  6. @ Polish and Charms: I did find that regular polish remover worked better. Plus, you can keep wetting the pad with remover as you needed, whereas these have a specific amount and if the mitt dries out you are screwed.

  7. It sucks that these didn't work! I'm always looking for an easier way to remove glitter since even the foil method isn't foolproof. Thanks for the review!

  8. @ LittleMonsterx14: Yeah. :( I really wanted it to!

    @ Chelsea: Yeah! It can definitely be a pain to remove glitter. I think the worst are the little glitters that stick to your skin!

  9. I tried it too (free luckily.). I totally agree with your review :)

  10. I love the cotton ball and aluminum foil trick for glitter polish! ^.^

  11. Aww boo! :( Seems like a cool idea, but not cool enough!

  12. @ Beautyshades: Such a shame, too!

    @ Terra: Sorry to hear that you had the same experience with it!

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Me too!!

    @ drinkcitra: Yeah!!! :(


Thank you for your comments! :D

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