Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nail Mail #2 - Support

Good afternoon, dear readers.

As most of you know, I have been going through a lot of things lately, and have been dealing with some severe psychological issues.

The response from you has been so kind, and I appreciate every online hug you have sent to me.  :)  I really couldn't ask for kinder people to follow and support my blog.  Thank you all so much! :'D

This week, I got an absolutely wonderful package in my mail from Amanda and Nory.  They have been cheering on my recovery the whole way, and have been so sweet and kind towards me.  When I opened the package, I think my mouth dropped open!

This is what was waiting for me:

Isn't that card so sweet?? :D  :'D

This seriously made me almost cry, it was so kind!

Those lip balms are sooo cute(!!!) and a Butter London??!  I've never even SEEN one of those in real life before.  Not only that, but they got it in Wallis, which was a big lemming for me!!!!!!!!

Thank you so, so much Amanda and Nory.  This has meant so much to me.  :'D  I really can't thank you enough!!!



  1. So cute of them! I'm looking forward to see the design you made over Wallis, I spotted the ankh which made me excited!

  2. @ Kia: :D I'll post that next! :D!!

    @ Shannara: Yeah!!! :D

  3. Oh I'm so every happy that you like it! Hope you keep feeling better and enjoy the polish :)

  4. @ Nory O.: Thank you so, so much!!! :D I love it! :'D

    @ Polish and Charms: Definitely!! :'D

  5. It was truly our pleasure. The polish blogging world - for Nory and me at least - has been a great place for meeting people, sharing interests, and ultimately support. Enjoy the goodies on your way to recovery. Much love, girly!

  6. @ Amanda: *hugs!!* Thank you again so, so much! I appreciate it so very much!! I agree with what you said about the polish blogging community; there are so many wonderful people here!! :'D

    @ Jennius: Definitely!! :'D

  7. Aww that so sweet and nice of them!!

  8. @ drinkcitra: Yeah!!! :'D

    @ Nail Reflections: Wasn't it??! :'D


Thank you for your comments! :D

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