Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love Nails and Chickadee

Good evening, dear readers!

Another Valentine's Day manicure (it says "LOVE" in calligraphy, but it is kinda hard to see it... :S)

I started with China Glaze Innocence, and sponged two frankens on the tips (Shamrock (by my sister) and Fangorn Forest (by me).  I also smushed some light yellow-green glitter on the tips, then added another coat of Innocence.  I then added a coat of Essie As Gold as it Gets.

I used acrylic paint for the decorations.  I did the thumb rose first, and was pleased with the results.  Then I started painting the other 4 roses and I didn't like them so much... I should have done what I did with the first rose and used a reference photo.  Ah well.  So I decided to cover the other roses up with calligraphy, but that didn't work out as neatly as I would have liked.  Oh well! ^-^  Then I added some dots on the thumb nail, and of course there were a lot of top coat layers between the stages of nail art (partially so I could take a break and go back to sleep, lol!).

Oh!  Yesterday I went out to a nature trail with my sister and dad, and we fed a bunch of chickadees. :D  Here is a really cute one that I was feeding:

EEEE I love chickadees!!! XD

I hope that you have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Beautiful design! And I love the picture with the chickadee. So cute.

  2. @ Kaki: Thank you so much!! :D The chickadees were so adorable! XD

  3. Looks like you feel a lot better :-)
    These look great!

  4. @ Shannara: Thank you :)! I am still having a lot of problems, but the meds are definitely helping a lot. ^-^

  5. glad to hear that they are helping :-)

  6. THIS IS AMAZING!! ugh, you're SO talented! I lovelovelove this so freaking much!

  7. @ Shannara: Thank you so much!! :D I really appreciate it! :D

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: :'D :'D!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! :D :'D!!

  8. I love this SO much! Very beautiful. :D

  9. I love the flower on your thumb! It's really pretty!

  10. @ Courtney: Thank you very much!!! :D

    @ MariJo: Thank you so much!! ^_^!

  11. Great mani and cutie chickadeeee!

  12. Such a beautiful designed mani! Love it! Aw and that's so cool you guys fed some chickadees! So cute!

  13. Ahhhh that chickadee is so cute! And you've got some serious freehand skills, girl! :) Awesome mani!

  14. That's an awesome picture with the chick!

  15. @ Jayne: Thank you so much and isn't that little chickadee so cute? XD

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you very much!! :D I love chickadees, they are some of my favourite birds. ^-^

    @ Chelsea: Thank you so much!!! :D :D I <3 chickadees so much!! XD

    @ Pauline: Thank you! :D My dad took that photo. ^-^

  16. These look amazing! You did awesome on them!! ^.^

  17. @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you so much!! :D!!

    @ Nail Reflections: Thank you very much!! :D !

  18. The thumb looks adorable! :)

  19. I love chickadees too! I have a feeder in my backyard so I can watch them! How cool that it ate out of your hand! I love calligraphy used to do it all the time. I should really get back into that! These are amazing!

  20. @ YoannitaL: Thank you very much!! :D

    @ Lindsey R: Thank you muchlies!! :D

    @ Fingers: Aw, they are so cute!! We used to have feeders but those pesky squirrels would scare the birds away. >:( OOO you do calligraphy?? That is so cool!! :D

  21. @ Jennius: Thank you so much!! :D


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