Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mini Sally Girl Swatches

Good evening (or super early morning!) dear readers!! :D

I will be showing you a few swatches of three new mini Sally Girl polishes that I picked up recently.  They are new releases, and are sold at Sally Beauty Supply.  (This is for you, Duckie!! :D)

Unfortunately I do not know the names of these, so I took a photo of the bottles so you know what they look like! :D

They all have a bit of a runny texture, and are less opaque then I would like.  These all took at least three coats, or even 4 (the one in the middle only needed three coats) to reach this opacity.  However, these are all gorgeous colours! :D  Absolutely perfect for spring!! :D

Other than that, there isn't too much more to say.  ^-^ They weren't bubbly or lumpy (if you see lumps it was because I accidently got dust in it! >.<)  These come in small 5.3 ml bottles, at about $1.39 CAN (with a Sally card).  They are quite wonderfully portable! :D

I hope that you enjoyed this review, and I hope that you have an amazing day! ^-^



  1. Very Spring! They make me happy just looking at them!

  2. So pretty, and they would be great for spring! I love them!

  3. Really cute colours AND a bargain...cant go wrong :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. I really like the ones on the middle and ring fingers.

  5. At over $1 each for a mini you'd expect them to be more opaque! =( They are really really pretty though!! =)

  6. @ Jayne: Me too!! They colours are really pretty! ^-^

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: I agree, such perfect spring colours!! :D

    @ hollysagemini: I agree!! :D

    @ Duckie: I'm glad you like them! :D

    @ YoannitaL: Me too!! :D It is kind of a jelly polish. :D

    @ MariJo: Me too!! :D The middle finger polish is the closest colour I have to Mermaid's Tears (what a cool polish!).

    @ ScarsLikeLace: I agree, but it averages about to just over $4.00 for almost 16 ml of polish, which is pretty good!! :D Plus, I've used other polishes of there that are much more opaque, so at least it isn't all of their polishes that are like this. They also have amazing glitters. :D

  7. Love the purple! I have so many colors like that but I will probably get it anyways :)

  8. They remind me of spring, hoop it comes soon
    They look very pretty

  9. @ NotesandNails: I really like that one too!! :D I honestly don't have any ones that look like that, so I am quite glad that I got it! ^-^

    @ Shannara: Winter is my favourite month ever (aw yeah, so pretty!!! :D) but I have to say I am looking forward to spring manicures!!! :D

    @ Nail Reflections: Thank you!! :D And so cheap! ^-^

    @ Polish and Charms: Me too!!! :D I love Easter! ^-^

  10. oh nice! there colors in a group reminds me of dutch tulips!

  11. @ Exah: I definitely see what you mean!!! :D

  12. these would look so good matte-ified!

  13. I saw these and almost grabbed a few. I love that they're tiny so you can take them on flights easily. I may have to go back and get some. Nice color choices - they're lovely.

  14. Aw these colors look great for spring! I can't believe it took 3-4 coats! They look great though! :)


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