Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kreativ Blogger and Liebster Awards!

Good evening, dear readers!!

Today I was awarded with 2(!!) blog awards, and I am so thankful!! :D  First up is the Kreativ Blogger Award, which was given to me by the lovely Nail Reflections!!  (Edit: I just received this wonderful award from the lovely Nails Like Lace as well! :D  What a wonderful surprise!!)  (Edit no.2: I fixed up some errors that I made).

So, here are the rules when you get this award:

1. Link back to the person who gave you this award
2. Complete the form below
3. Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or e-mail
4. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself

So here is the form:

1. Name your favorite song:
-Goodness, this is a hard one.  I truly can't pick just one as I love so many.  I like Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru, The Show Must Go On by Queen, Under Pressure by Queen/David Bowie, Returner by Gackt, Final Fantasy themes by Nobuo Uematsu , Miyazaki movie themes by Joe Hisaishi, the Escaflowne soundtracks, the Ghost in the Shell soundtracks, Battlestar Galactica music... I love so many songs by each of these musicians, and so many more that it would take me probably over an hour just listing them.  ^-^

2. Name your favorite dessert:
-This is also hard, because it really depends on what I am craving at the time.  I do love Polish cheesecake, apple pie a la mode, Beavertails, deep-fried ice cream, bubble tea (I LOVE the green tea, azuki bean and taro flavours!!), taai-taai (a holiday Dutch Christmas cookie!), marzipan, maple fudge, Oreo's and Oreo McFlurries, spice cake with rainbow bit icing, gelato (banana flavour is awesome), gingerbread cookies and houses, ginger snaps, Christmas sugar cookies, Terry's Chocolate orange (milk), some good dark chocolate... okay I should stop now.... lol!!

3. What ticks you off?
-Hmm, rude people.  Arrogance and rudeness.

4. When I am upset, I...
-I guess it depends what I am upset about.  Sometimes I cry and sometimes I complain or get really angry.  Sometimes I talk about it and sometimes I keep it to myself and vent later.

5.  What is your favorite pet?
-This is hard since I have had several favorites.  I really like cats and dogs, but not small dogs or dogs with punched-in looking faces.  I like "smiling" dogs, like German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes and Samoyeds.

6. Black or white?
-I guess it depends on what, but white is my answer for now.

7. Biggest Fear:
-Losing loved ones, something horrible happening to loved ones, going insane, dying, being paralyzed, going blind, going deaf, brain surgery where you need to be conscious, gangrenous, ebola...

8. Everyday attitude:
-Hmm, it depends on the day!!  I usually try to be positive and optimistic when I can. :)

9. What is perfection:
-Does that even exist?

10. Guilty pleasure:
-Yummy food, collecting nail polish, taking naps, lol!!

Now for the 7 facts about myself:

1. I have a wonderful imagination, and that can be good or bad.  I can get right into stories that I read, games that I play and shows that I watch, but I can also get really wacky and scary dreams.

2. I am a nerd.  :D  I love sci-fi and fantasy, reading books and playing computer/console games.  Some of my favourite games ever are:
-Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10... XD
-Kingdom Hearts
-Mass Effect 2
-Age of Conan
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Dragon Age 1 and 2
-Kings Quest 7
-Day of the Tentacle
-Space Quest

3.  I am very shy, but I have to say that my nail polish obsession is making me interact with people in the outside world more (by asking them what nail polish they are wearing!). :D

4.  I am currently drinking the last bit of a container of Second Cup White Hot Chocolate mix that I got a couple of years ago for Christmas.  I made it last!!  :D

5.  I really love peanuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios.

6.  I find geology and astronomy to be extremely interesting!  I used to want to be an astronaut, astronomer and geologist.  :D  Also a storm chaser or meteorologist because I love interesting weather!

7.  It is a goal of mine to own a meteorite, preferably one that I found myself.  I want to travel to Arizona and go search the salt flats, since the ground is so dense and hard there that meteorites tend to hit the ground and stay on the surface.  I also would love to own a piece of a moon rock! :D

Award 10 blogs:

This is always so hard when it comes to choosing.  I have over 150 blogs on my blogroll, and each and every one of them is fantastic!!  So here is ten, but if you aren't on the list, PLEASE accept an award as well!! :D  You deserve it for being awesome! ^-^

Nail Reflections
Nail Project 2012
Nails from Fairytale
Nails and Stuff
Polish and Charms
Hello my Pretties
All That Is Gorgeous
Lindsey's Lacquer
GretalRabbit Writes
Diaries of a Sephoraphobe
On My Nail
Polish Obsession
Nails Like Lace

I know that that is more than ten, but I had to keep going... and then I had to stop myself.  All of these are fantastic blogs, and if you haven't seen some of them, I definitely suggest giving them a look-see! :D

I hope everyone can forgive me; I have spent hours today checking about blogs, writing posts and commenting, so I am too tired to send out the tells for this award.  I hope that those who won (everyone in my book! :D) reads this post, hahaha.

Now on to the Liebster Award!

This was awarded to me by the lovely Duckie!  The Liebster Blog is for wonderful blogs who have less than 200 followers.  This award was made to create new connections and bring attention to these blogs. :D  (Such a cool idea!!)

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank who gave you the award, and link back to their blog.
2. Choose 5 blogs to send this award to, and tell them about it.
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
4. Request the people you have sent the award to to send it onto 5 new bloggers.  :D

Let's keep the chain going!

I have received this award before so I will link to my blog choices from the previous award.

THANK YOU SO MUCH NAIL REFLECTIONS, DUCKIE AND NAILS LIKE LACE!!!! :D  This means a lot to me and I appreciate it so much!! ^-^ :D



  1. Thanks so much for listing me Ashesela!!! I really appreciate it!!

    So, sweet tooth much? I have one too, it's so bad!! Also, I like those nuts too, except the cashews :(.

  2. @ MariJo: My pleasure!! :D I am so sorry, I just realized now that you weren't on my blog roll (I was like NOOOOooooo) so I definitely added you. Sheesh, I can't believe I didn't notice that before! :( >.<!
    I used to eat cashews by the handful when I was a kid, but I find I prefer almonds the most now. So yummy!!

  3. YAYYY, GEOLOGY. <3 I also love meteorology and astronomy and would LOVE to find a meteorite (or pieces of one) myself. Congrats on your awards!

  4. @ Courtney Eldridge: Thank you so much!! :D It is so wonderful finding new people who have the same interests!! ^-^

  5. Ohh It's lovely to learn more about you.

    Always love learning more about the people behind the blog. Is your real name Ashesela?

    I enjoy cashew nuts as well. It's the only kind of nuts I can eat and really enjoy.

  6. I love Simple and Clean! Utada is one of my favourites! And I can't believe you like Day of the Tentacle! It was such a twisted game! Kings Quest and Space Quest are also favourites for me. That's awesome that you like them too!

  7. I love that you enjoy both gaming and polish--I'm not alone! XD I see some of my favorites on your list, especially Left 4 Dead 2 (one of my best friends and I have a blast with this game) and Mass Effect 2(easily one of my top five games ever)! I also like your passion for desserts haha. I have both a sweet tooth AND a salt tooth-it's a curse! Thanks for sharing more about yourself! :)

  8. Oh man, you nerd. You and I would get along so well!

  9. Yay congrats! I love these because you get to know the people behind the blogs :) Thanks for passing the Kreativ award to me haha. I was awarded it by another blogger Lisa a few months ago. If you're interested in reading it (the rules from the one I got were a bit different) it's here: I would post it again, but I always have trouble coming up with facts about myself haha. I'm so glad you've connected with me through blogging. I know you've connected with so many, and I'm excited to be a part of them! I love your posts and look forward to them!

  10. @ Lizzy O.: Thank you!! :D The name Ashesela comes from my first and middle name (Ashley Elaine) :D. I would use Ashes as my username for some web sites, but at some point that name was taken and it morphed from there, hehehehe. ^-^

    @ Jayne: I love Utada's music!! :D Also, I am so glad that you like those games as well!! That is so awesome! :D Most people I talk to have never even heard of them!! XD

    @ Chelsea: YAY another polishing gamer!! :D That is super cool!! XD I have quite the salty tooth too!! XD And spicy. I love spicy! We should play Left 4 Dead 2 sometime!! I think my Steam name is Ashesela too. "Peels here!"

    @ My Nail Polish Online: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Jonochi: YAY for nerds!!! :D :D I love finding things in common with other people!! :D

    @ Polish and Charms: :D!!! My pleasure!

    @ drinkcitra: Thank you!! I would definately love to read your entry! It's funny how the rules morph over time... it's like that game where you whisper something in someones ear and after it goes around the circle what you said is completely different! Aw thank you so much for being so sweet! I'm so glad to have connected with you too!! :D

  11. Aww thanks! Your so funny! Who knew you were shy! And didn't share your Hot chocolate! I had the coffee mugs waiting!

  12. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts!! When I first got it, I am pretty sure I almost failed school that semester! =P

    P.S. Thanks, now I keep singing "Under Pressure dun dun dun dun dun" to myself over and over! Haha. I have to go listen to it now! xD

  13. @ LittleMonsterx14: Aw, thank you so much!! :D

    @ Nail Reflections: Sowwy. :( Oh wait! *rummages around cupboards for a couple minutes* HERE WE GO!! It's just regular rich hot chocolate, I hope it will do! *sends it through the computer to you* :D!!

    @ ScarsLikeLace: Hahahha I remember playing Kingdom Hearts on break from school (I finished school a bit *ahem* late... XD). Yay awesome song!! My sister and I sing it a lot together, including all the dun dun dun dundundun dun parts XD. *In a Bowie voice (my favourite part to sing* "It's the terror of knowing what this world is about, watching some good friends scream..." "...let me out!!" XD

  14. Thanks for award <3.
    I love finding out more about people :)


Thank you for your comments! :D

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