Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Finger Paints Winter Sky and Smurfette Digits.

Good evening, dear readers!! :D

How are you?  I hope that everyone is doing magnificently well.  Wow, I was trying to remember the word "magnificent" and in my head I though "macificant". >.<  Yay for non-words?

Anyhow!  I have an absolutely GORGEOUS polish to show you today, with a really unfortunate twist.

Here is the lovely Winter Sky from the Finger Paints holiday collection (I love that colour and the name!):

And now we come to the bad part... the removal.

EEK!! D:  Yikes!  That my friends, was instant staining!  Sometimes I am lazy and just smear the polish off with circular motions and a polish remover soaked pad, and the moment the polish hit my skin it literally stained it to this instantly!!  D:  I had to stop and take a photo to warn everyone!

This colour is so amazing but wow!  The reason why most of my nails aren't stained is because I buff them to a shine, and the areas you see stained (ignoring the actual polish still left on XD) are where they haven't been buffed yet.  My sister quickly gave me some rougher pads to use to remove this, but even that wasn't really working, even after dunking my fingers in a cup filled with polish remover.  The good news is that I managed to get almost all of the stain off, with the help of a huge potato/nail/foot brush thingy and hand soap.  Lots of scrubbing!!  I think one of the saving graces for that was the fact that my skin has been dry, so I was able to slough off the extra.  Whew!

Just thought I would share!  Beautiful polish (which I am still keeping :D) but just be aware of the danger it possesses!! LOL.

Take care my friends!



  1. Whoa! That color is gorgeous, but what a mess! Good to know since I just started buying Finger Paints polish not too long ago. I have a whopping 4 of their polishes now lol

  2. @ ChromaCraze: I think I have a whopping 5 (including the two I got today)? Hahaha!! I really like their nail polish, but wow this one was intense! >.<!

  3. I have this one and haven't tried it yet. Now I'm a bit nervous :/. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lol! such a pretty color...but that sucks when that happens!

  5. omg the staining scared me! the polish seems to have sort of a suede finish in the first two photos. did you top coat it? it's very pretty when it's on your nails.

  6. @ MariJo: No problem! I guess a good tip would be to try to wipe the polish off towards the end of your nail, not like the big circle-y mess I did where I dragged it all over my skin, haha.XD Also, maybe slather on some vaseline or something on your skin first so there will be a bit of a barrier. I hope that is okay to do with nail polish remover, as I have never tried it myself. Just be careful!! :D

    @ drinkcitra: Yeah!! I've never experienced staining on this scale (other than when I don't use gloves while dying pysanky!)

    @ Parisa: HAHAH!! Yeah, it's like zombie-Smurf hands! I may have added a top coat (I think so) but if I remember correctly it is a shiny polish. I think...I'm pretty sure... wow, I am so helpful! XD

  7. That color is so amazing, too bad about the staining. Whitening toothpaste + lemon juice is a good home remedy for that; it almost always works to get stains off my nails/hands. Your nails are beautiful, btw!

  8. I've been lemming this color but this staining is making me reconsider. Staining + pale skin + blue/green polish = unhappiness.

  9. Ooh, this is pretty. Too bad it stains...

  10. Oooh messy! I've never had it that bad... but yeah, that colour is so worth it!

  11. Beautiful polish!!!!! Love it! Too bad about the staining :(

  12. Gorgeous color! I think I may be too lazy to remove all of that staining! I will just rock the smurf hands!

  13. I'm totally getting this color anyway... maybe if I use the foil method to take it off, I won't have look like I was... messing... with a smurf! :D

  14. Aww I feel so bad for you! That is so horrible! But it is a beautiful polish! hehe you have been smurf-ed!

  15. @ Courtney Eldridge: Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! :D Toothpaste and lemon juice, eh? I'm definitely going to have to try that!! Thank you very much! ^-^

    @ Amanda: I have to say that I am still glad that I have this colour and I will definitely wear it again, but I will be more careful in the future!! XD I also don't wear a base coat, so that may help prevent nail stains if you use this. ^-^

    @ Kia: I know!! Such a shame!! I adore this colour.

    @ Lindsey R: Hahaha I know what you mean! It is sooo pretty! :D I would say that it wasn't worth it if I had not been able to get the stains off, but since I could I'm happy with it. ^-^

    @ Nory O.: Isn't it a stunner? Except on the skin, that is... XD

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: Hahaha. I would just be careful if you do, since even though my skin was stained, if water got on it it would leave some of the colour on whatever I touched. :'(

    @ Duckie: Hahha yeah XD!!! I did dunk my hands in nail polish remover and scrubbed with remover-saturated cotton and that didn't work, so I suggest keeping a nail brush handy just in case! It is so pretty! :D

    @ Nail Reflections: HAHAHAH!!! Yeah! XD The Smurfs strike again! At least in the end I was able to remove it *whew*!

  16. That's a great blue, but dang, what a mess. It makes you wonder if nail polish companies test removal before they release a new polish. Still, what a pretty blue.

  17. Oh my word! I have never seen anything like that! This is the problem with blues :-(

  18. Holy Cow!!! That's insane and unfortunate. It is such a pretty color!

  19. Oyyy!! Such a gorgeous color looking like that?!

    Did you use a good base coat?
    I also read on a blog (forgot about it), that using whitening toothpaste takes away the stains that polishes like this leave behind.

    So sad that such a gorgeous color would do this.

  20. Oh no!!! Love the color but gosh, what a disaster! I know what you mean about those colors that just instantly seep into your skin when you're removing them, ugh. Still though, your nails look so strong and neat (despite the Smurf stains, haha) w/o polish on! I'm jealous, my naked nails look awful!

  21. Oh no! Thats a nightmare in a bottle. I would have freaked! Atleast you can say you were part smurf for a short while :)

  22. Unfortunately a lot of blue polish does this! You have to be very careful in removal! Such a pretty color though!

  23. First, that sucks about the staining and I hope your fingers and nails are back to their usual beautiful self(s? ves?) haha. Second I find it highly entertaining that you are in the middle of a blue crisis and you thought 'hey let me pause for a second and take a picture.' funny how blogging changes things. But I am grateful you did so now we know. You really are a true blue friend. =)

  24. @ Tonya Kaushik: I completely agree!! It was a horrible surprise!

    @ Laura: It is so sad!! My favourite colours! XD

    @ Polish and Charms: I know!! D':

    @ Lizzy O: I don't use base coats, as I am not too worried about my nails staining... but my skin? That is so sad. :'( Thank you for the tip!!

    @ Chelsea: Aw you are so sweet!! :'D My nails don't always look like that :(.

    @ Frosso: AHAHAH yeah!! XD

    @ Fingers: Yeah it is so sad. :( I agree though, so pretty!! :D

    @ Kaki: AHAHAH that is so true!! It was a perfect opportunity for a photo! XD


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