Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anna Sui 107 Swatch

Good morning, dear readers!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and is having a great start to the weekend! :)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be doing more nail art soon; I just haven't had the energy to do much lately other than swatches and frankens (of which I have more to show you soon! :D).

Here is a swatch of the lovely Anna Sui 107 polish that I got earlier this month.  YAY!! :D  (This would look better if my nails weren't stained yellow... XD!)

This is a really gorgeous light blue squishy jelly with plenty of glitter!  There is large and teeny silver glitter, and small gorgeous shining blue and green glitter.  The blue and green glitter is that wonderful kind (like in China Glaze  Snow Globe) that is pretty much invisible until the light hits it, and then it glows! :D  So lovely!  Plus, for added fun, all of the glitter in this is square!!! :D  YAY!!  This polish has the tell-tale Anna Sui rose fragrance.  I would like the option to have this polish without any perfume, but oh well. ^-^

One thing though...

This baby is SHEER!!!!  This is definitely a polish for layering.  I had to wear it and get at least one swatch of it by itself, full strength.  The above photos were 8 (I think!) coats of this!!!  Just thought I would tell you!

Well, I really love this polish despite the strong fragrance and sheerness.  Absolutely adore it! :D  Plus, I love the packaging.  ^-^

Have a wonderful day!

-Ashesela ^-^


  1. 8 coats?! Oh my! It is really pretty though :-) Shame about the scent, I'm not sure I'd like rose-scented polish either.

  2. @ Laura: I do love it (but not the scent, lol!) I don't mind the smell of roses and find that they can be quite nice, but this is super perfumy-rose and the scent keeps wafting up to me. Too much! Lol.

  3. 8 coats?? Wow, I would not even have the patience for that. Did it ever dry?
    Super pretty colour, though.

  4. @ Allie-bee: It wasn't completely dry but that was because I never gave it time to in between coats. I know that it would have, as the layers did dry pretty fast (they were thin and glittery)!! Yeah, I love the colour!! :D

  5. wow 8 coats? lol! It looks soooooo pretty with the 8 coats though. I love the look of the glitter and the color is absolutely pretty!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I've never tried Anna Sui so that's interesting that the nail polish is scented. The colour is really nice though even though it took 8 coats to get there!

  7. Oh wow, 8 coats! You must have incredible patience-- most I've done is 5 and I was dinging my nails up on everything in sight, lol! Looks pretty though!

  8. Wow!! That's a lot of coats! It looks so pretty though. It would be interesting to see how it looks layered. Really pretty!

  9. 8 coats takes serious dedication! Nice job :) Looks gorgeous though, it was totally worth it I bet! Didn't even know Anna Sui made nail polish! I am interested now...

  10. @ drinkcitra: Thank you so much!! ^-^ I love the look of it too! :D I hope that you have a wonderful weekend as well! :D

    @ Jayne: Hahah yeah! At least it is great for layering (especially over a light blue base, methinks! ^-^). :D

    @ Lindsey R: LOL!!! It is so hard not to smack my nails on things while they are drying XD.

    @ MariJo: Thank you! :D Yeah, I will have to experiment with this one! ^-^

    @ Kaki: One of my favourites!! :D

    @ Crystal: Hahah thanks!! :D Yeah they have a really nice collection!! I definitely suggest checking it out! ^-^ The bottles are also so cute XD!

  11. 8??? Your botle must be half empty, but it is very pretty !

  12. @ Shannara: Hahah I definitely used a bunch of it up! But I had to see it like this at least once, lol! ^-^

  13. I really love it! Kind princess at the ball beautiful!

  14. @ Nail Reflections: OOooh yeah!! Now that you said that, it reminds me of Cinderella!!! :D

  15. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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