Monday, December 26, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Good evening, dear readers! :D

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful time this past weekend.  I sure did!! :D  But I have to say, after all that delicious food I am going to have to start exercising! XD

I had such a wonderful time with my family and friends.  I really do love Christmas! :D ^-^  The only problem was that for some reason I keep getting this headache on the left side of my head that moves down to the left side of my neck, and it has been coming and going for the last half a week.  Poop!  I shouldn't complain; my Dad just got sick on Christmas evening.  :(  Hopefully he will feel better soon!

For this manicure I am using Revlon Royal Cloak.  I received this as a wonderful present from a loved one, and I have wanted this polish since it came out earlier this year.  YAY!!! :D

This polish is a GORGEOUS rich purple with small silver flakes and glimmer.  The glimmer shimmers a few different colours in the light (you have to look close but it is beautiful!).  This polish dried pretty fast, so I was quite happy! :D  Also, it was pretty fun doing this manicure while watching Dr. Who with my sister! :D

For the nail art I used Orly Luxe and a coat of China Glaze White Cap, and then some fast drying top coat.  My hands are pretty dry right now as I have been neglecting them a bit >.<;.

I received so many wonderful gifts this Christmas!  For nail products I received 13 new nail polishes  (and a gift card to get more!), a dotter/brush tool, some adorable Hello Kitty nail stickers and a glass file.  :D  So much fun!!! :D  Thank you all to my loved ones for the wonderful gifts!  I appreciate them so much!!!!! ^-^

I will post more of my presents in future manicures.  :D Whee!!

What did you get for Christmas?

Take care and have a fantastic night!  ^-^



  1. I love Royal Cloak!!! I finally got it a few days ago after searching for it for months. Love this mani too!! Can't wait to see what you got for Christmas. I treated myself to quite a few polishes for Christmas ;0).

  2. Sooo jealous! I picked this up and put this down like 10 times and when I finally decided I wanted it, it was gone :( Can't find this anywhere. Shame, because it's such a lovely purple.

  3. @ MariJo: Thank you so much!! :D I am sooo glad that I got this! I'd like to see what you got for Christmas too! :D

    @ Amanda: I did the same thing when I first came across it! On several occasions I kept wondering whether or not to get this (even though I REALLY liked it), and eventually I was so fortunate to get this as a gift. It was the last one, tucked away with the other Revlon polishes. I'm sorry to hear that you can't find it, as it really is so pretty! I hope that they re-release it!!

  4. Ohhh I LOVE Christmas! I got lots of nail goodies, too. I can hardly wait to try it all! I was stamping my nails at the dinner table right before we ate Christmas dinner, haha. I'm glad you had a great Christmas, too. I like your design here, it reminds me of sweaters for some reason. :) I always love blue and silver... you can't really go wrong with that combo.

  5. Oh She's so pretty! Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I believe this polish just went on my wish list. Gorgeous color!

    I love your nail art. Oh wow.. Almost looks like you stamped it on, and went over it with more polishes. Wow.. Talented much!

    Merry Christmas to you dear. So fun that you go so many nail stuff for Christmas gift. :-)

    I got gift card to get what I want, cos they couldn't pick for me. So excited about that.

  6. love this mani, the colors look great together

  7. Gorgeous! I love the color combination. ^_^

  8. @ polishmeplease: Thank you!! :D Haha I like how you were doing nail art right up to dinner! That's awesome! :D I'd like to see what you got for Christmas! ^-^

    @ Lizzy O.: Thank you so much for your kind comment!! :D Ooo I'd like to see what you got with your gift card! So much fun! XD

    @ Shannara: Thank you so much!! :D

    @ Rie: Thank you very much!! :D

  9. I just picked this one up a week or so ago after thinking I'd lost my chance to get it! It's such a pretty polish and it looks very luxe with the gold stamping you did!

  10. @ Chelsea: Thank you very much for the kind comment! I'm so glad that you were able to find this polish! :D

    @ Sandra: Thank you so much! :D

  11. Wow this color IS gorgeous! I love the design you did on top! Beautiful! :D

  12. Glad you had a great Christmas! Love the mani!

  13. @ drinkcitra: thank you so much!!! :D

    @ Nail Reflections: thank you!! ^-^ I hope that you did too! :D

  14. That is a pretty purple, and your artwork is great!!! =)

  15. As many others have said, I love the colour combo! Nice work :)

  16. @ ScarsLikeLace: Thank you so much!! :D I really like that polish so much! ^-^

    @ Julia: Thank you very much!!! :D

  17. Did you freehand this or stamp it??? If you stamped-what plate did you use!! I am also loving that window mani-I need to try that!!

  18. WOW - you got 13 new bottles of nail polish! LUCKY DUCKY! :D Can't wait for you to show them all off.

  19. @ Fingers: I freehanded this with some random design I thought of while watching Dr. Who. XD!!

    @ Swatch And Learn: I know!!! :D I was soooo happy!! (And I still am, hahah!XD)


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