Friday, December 09, 2011

Half-Assed Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blizzard Blue Manicure

Good morning, dear readers!!

I apologize for how half-assed this manicure is. I wanted to try out a new polish that I got (for $1.99 yay!! It usually retails for like $4-something!) Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blizzard Blue. It is a very sheer colour, and I decided that I was going to layer it over black and see how it looked.

Well! Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS!! :D Blizzard Blue is a light frosty blue with a green colour-shift, and it looked amazing over the black! It was interesting; it almost removed all the blue and mainly showed the green. Stunning! (Edit: but seeing these pictures, it is mainly showing the blue! I guess it really depends on the light. Also stunning!)

Unfortunately I squashed a couple of my newly done nails (the thumb and the middle tip) so it looks a bit wonky. I also decided to 'spice it up' by adding some iridescent bar glitter (I freakin' love that stuff!) but I half-assed it by just blobbing it on with my finger and jamming my nail tips into the jar o' glitter. >.< I took pictures and then removed the manicure, and then I saw how the pictures came out.

UGH! For one I didn't cover ALL of the black with Blizzard Blue, the smush on the middle finger is so noticeable, and the bar glitter should have been applied with more *ahem* care. I also saw how much glitter was dangling off of the nail. Sigh. Please forgive me for this one, readers.

BONUS: A picture of me sporting some black nails! It is rare for me to do this, hehe.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! I promise to put more effort into my next mani. ^-^;

Until next time!


(P.S., Oh yeah, for the black I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out. This is a FANTASTIC black polish! Opaque in two coats, smooths on like butter and dries decently fast! Cant go wrong!)


  1. That is an awesome effect, and even better that it was on sale!

  2. Thank you!! :D I was very pleasantly surprised!! :D

  3. Black Out is the best. So glad I picked it up! Works great for stamping too!

  4. @ Crystal: I was very impressed by it!! It goes on so smooth and pigmented, and looks beautiful!

  5. @ Nail Reflections: Isn't it a gorgeous blue?? And I so love the name!! :D


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