Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Orly Au Champagne

Hello dear readers,

Today I will be showing you a lovely shimmery white from Orly's 2011 Holiday Soiree collection- Au Champagne.

This is an absolutely stunning shimmery white, which dries to a matte/semi-matte finish.

This is three coats, as I needed three to even things out and get the coverage I wanted. I find that the formula is a bit thicker than regular Orly polishes, but definitely workable.

I apologize for the bad pictures, and the state of my hands (so dry!).

I added a layer of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat to show you how it looks shiny (also amazingly beautiful!) and then I added a few rhinestones and some loose glitter to top things off.

I used a light box for these photos, and for some reason it gave me lobster fingers. Under normal lighting circumstances I do not find that this polish gives lobster fingers. It was just my photos that turned a bit weird.

Such a perfect winter polish!

Take care everyone!

-Ashesela ^-^


  1. Oh my! I absolutely love this! It's so delicate. I'll almost definitely be mimicking this sometime this winter!

  2. This is lovely, and so very wintery. Looks a little wedding-y too :) love it!

  3. @ Sandra: Thank you very much! :D

    @ Nailed it: I'm really glad that you like it!!

    @ Allie-bee: Thank you for your kind words. ^-^

  4. I agree, perfectly Winter nails. Hope you're feeling less blue today and that your friend is doing better...

  5. Thanks Jayne, I really appreciate it!!

  6. These are so elegant! I love that white! So Shiney!

  7. @ Nail Reflections: Thank you very much! I love the white too, so gorgeous and perfect for winter. ^-^


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