Saturday, November 19, 2011

O.P.I Gone Gonzo

Good evening, dear readers!

Having a good weekend so far?  I sure am!

A few days ago my sister came over to visit me, and we went to the mall together.  While there, she picked me up a bottle of O.P.I Gone Gonzo!!  I am so happy, it is such a lovely polish!

So without further ado...

It is a lovely glitter with blue small glitters and larger and more sparse silver ones.  It takes a bit to build up; what you see here is about 7 coats!!!  (I wanted to see how opaque I could get it; you can get away with much less I think).  But even sparse it looks great over different colours (black, blue, teal...)
I added some rhinestones to shake it up at bit... after all, you can't have TOO much sparkle, can you? ;)  Unfortunately the top coat I used over the ring finger went sort of matte on me. :/  Next time I'm going back to CG Fast Forward!

As you can see here, my nails are much shorter now :'(.  Hopefully they will grow in soon enough!

The polish is smoother than one would expect, as the glitter stays pretty flat against the nail.  It is bumpy, but almost a smooth bumpy?  It also dries quite fast.

Of course, as most glitter polishes go, removing it was a pita.  But I also have like 7 coats on, so it is no wonder.  ^-^

I'm going to make the most out of my short nails, and do crazy manicures!  WHEE!!

Have a wonderful evening!



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