Wednesday, November 30, 2011

China Glaze Icicle Swatch and Manicure

Hello Dear Readers,

How are you? Today I am posting a swatch of China Glaze Icicle, from the 2011 holiday Let it Snow collection.

I already had a nice silver foil polish, but I had to get this one because I love China Glaze polish formula, and I adore the name. Seriously, sometimes the deciding factor for my polish purchases are the product names. I love winter, so there we go! XD

The polish went on nicely, although it was a bit runny and needed 2-3 coats for full coverage. Not too runny so it was okay. ^-^ It is a gorgeous silver foil, and I really like it.

For the manicure I added two coats of a mystery Sally Girl polish (gorgeous polish, but I don't know the name) and I have a picture of just that step. There is also a photo of that polish. Then, I made strips of loose silver glitter near the centre of each nail, then stuck on some rhinestones. Glitter and rhinestones are so addictive to use!! XD

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


(Edit: I had washed my hands right before taking photos, and it appears that I didn't dry my nails well enough so there are some water drops/bubbles on the thumb and ring finger. Whoopsies!)


  1. Ooh I love that silver foil. Looks great :-)

  2. Thanks! I really like it to (especially the name, heheh ^-^).

  3. So classicly pretty! Makes me think of old Musicals for Christmas!

  4. I LOVE this mani! I think I need Icicle! I think I need some rhinestones too :)

  5. @ Nail Reflections: I really like that comparison!! :D

    @ ScarsLikeLace: I agree!!

    @ AllThatIsGorgeous: Thank you very much!! :D

  6. I just bought that little glitter from SH too! So cute! I absolutely love it already! Wish I knew the name too haha

  7. @ Crystal: they make really good polishes! I was quite surprised when I tried them. Yeah, they really need to put names on the stickers, imo.


Thank you for your comments! :D

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