Sunday, October 24, 2010

End of the Weekend

Well it's 9:50 p.m. on a Sunday night, and boy am I full!! O_O My bf took me out for mexican food (thank you so much!!!), and I ate too much. >.<; It was so delicious! :)

On our way to the restaraunt (which thankfully is very close to my home) we saw a raccoon sitting on a fence. It was pretty cute, but at first it scared me because I didn't realise it was there until we were pretty much right in front of it. It didn't seem to mind us that much, I guess because it is a city raccoon.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I will be (hopefully) donating blood for the first time, and I am very excited for that. Also, it will be exactly 2 months since I quit smoking (yay!).

On Saturday I picked up some theatrical body makeup for my upcoming Hallowe'en costume, from Malabar. Malabar is a dance and theatre supply store, and is pretty much the only place to get a lot of special effects supplies in Ottawa (at least that I know of). I got two large cakes of "Paradise" Mehron makeup, which you apply with a wet sponge or brush. The cakes cost $14 each, but they are also good for about 10 full body applications each, so at $1.40 per full body application, that's pretty good. I got a light blue and a dark blue, and they are so beautiful.

Thankfully my sis was there to help me pick out the proper things, as she is a makeup artist and I tend to not know what I am doing with stuff like that. :P I also picked up some spirit gum remover (expensive!) because without it, removing the crystallized spirit gum from my skin after wearing prosthetics feels like crushed glass. Not very pleasant.

The makeup goes on very nicely, and adjusts its transparency to how much water is on the sponge when you apply it. It builds up on itself quite well, and looks a lot like acrylic paint when applied. You can get some nice fluid lines when you use a brush and a thinned mix of makeup and water. Best of all, the makeup is matte so you don't look super shiny, and it stays on very well with minimal smudgeroos. A little bit comes off if you rub it, but it stays on VERY well, and is definately worth the investment. The colours are also quite striking. I guess the other best part is that it washes off really easily with soap and water.

Now I shall leave you with a pretty picture of some clouds, which I took (I think) in either the spring or the summer. I love taking pictures of the sky!

Have a great night,


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