Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gross Temperatures

Today it is pretty warm outside, but tomorrow's forecast is scary:

29oC and feels like 37 degrees Celcius!!! (84.2 degrees F and 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, the humidity is supposed to be at around 67%. Ugh, not looking forward to it. Usually I wouldn't mind as much but since my boyfriend and I live in an apartment on the 9th floor with no air conditioning, I like to complain about it. ;)

Now to talk about art:

I've been working on some acrylic paintings right now, but they have a long way to go until they are finished. I'll keep you posted on this.

Until then, the picture I posted is of some mushrooms I drew a couple years ago.

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  1. Oh yes, in case anyone thinks the signature looks weird on that picture it's because I cleaned up a lot of the pixel noise that the scanner made, then rearranged the photo. I didn't feel like erasing around the siggy. ;)


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